Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cover of the Week - X-Men Legacy and Zero

Welcome one and all to our Covers of the Week!  This time around we have some pugilistic punishment and nullistic secret agents in store, so hit the jump to check these out, along with our honourable mentions!

Ken's Cover of the Week - X-Men Legacy #17 by Mike Del Mundo

Ken: I'm trying to think of good boxing covers, and outside of Superman vs. Ali and a few Daredevil covers this might be the only one. I really love the black and white and the use of the other mutant's as Legion's corner crew works. And it accurately reflects the story inside which is Legion vs. Cyclops in a bout of fisticuffs. Nice work.

Grant's Cover of the Week - Zero #1 by Michael Walsh and Tom Muller

Grant: This is a cover that I think is actually improved by the logo and cover dress.  The big ol' Zero at the top boldly announces the book's title, while linking to the beautiful image of Edward Zero below.  The red and yellow that permeates the whole thing just adds to the effect, screaming at you to pick this book off the rack.  A great collaboration between Walsh and Muller that holds a great comic within.

Runner-Ups:  Wolverine MAX #11, Great Pacific #10, Venom #41

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