Sunday, October 6, 2013

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 10/02/13

Welcome again to another edition of Moments of the Week! It's a slightly lighter edition due to the five week month but we've got some nice issues on deck, with Forever Evil moving forward, Quantum & Woody team up with a goat, and All-New X-Men shows how anyone can be president. More after the jump so let's get started.

All-New X-Men #17
The future's so bright it looks like you'll have to wear shades and dance to President Dazzler's hits. It turns out Alison has been the most popular mutant over the years and this gives her the needed boost to become the first mutant president.

Demons attack, Dazzler is dead, and Hank is angry.

Demon attacks don't seem to be a human thing, it could have been anyone, but Hank is all angry and now we have a reason for why he and the others might have gone back in time. So to combat that, Illyana brings the other X-Men to the past:

Forever Evil #2

Johnny Quick sends the Teen Titans into the future as he undoes Bart's time travel, while B-Zero (Bizarro, see?) is unlocked from his tube five years too soon. His first order from Luthor is to kill Otis, the security guard that is following Luthor:

Luthor suits up to fight the CSA, while STAR Labs in Detroit is trying to destroy all their research before it falls into the wrong hands:

Dun dun dunnnn....

Ghost Town #3

Hannah locks Nate in a closet and we find out she's been cheating on Tyrell with his lackey, and with Nate trying to take her out of The Rad for her father she decides now's the time to flee.

And he would be correct. Nate broke free and is about to leave with Hannah when Deon arrives, ready to leave:

In the end Hannah goes with Nate, still believing she can handle everything herself. To be concluded next issue.

Green Lantern #24

Relic finally arrives on Oa, and he is a big guy, literally.

Hal doesn't respond to his threats, so Relic unleashes a swarm of little robot bugs to siphon off the power battery in a manner similar to Galactus in Hunger.

On top of no more willpower, Oa's core is connected to the battery, meaning with it gone it will set off a chain reaction that will destroy the planet.

Hunger #3

Captain Marvel arrives to help out, but Rick Jones has enough and heads back home while the other two head off to fight the modified Galactus above Hala:

Rick is back but Captain Marvel is seriously injured, ashis dying breaths offer a possible solution to the problem:

Infinity: The Hunt #2

He wasn't a redshirt, but Crimson was a red hoodie.

Bentley's on to something, as the invading froces are actually looking for Thanos' son. The other schools around the world send their kids off from the invading forces as well, including a school we didn't see last issue:

The Latverian School, home to Demona, half daughter of Son of Satan and a demon, Morg, a vampire who falsely claims he is Morbius' son, and Pan, a person who has persuaive powers one step below a telepath. And their headmistress is a female doombot.

Quantum & Woody #4

The ERA's origins, they plan on harvesting Woody to examine his unique energy signature but his brother arrives to save the day, but not before freeing one of the ERA's experiments:

The goat has red eyes, of course you run away from it!

A big reveal, as Derek seemingly killed himself to avoid joining the ERA.

Superior Foes of Spider-Man #4

Much like Lethal Weapon 2, the thunderbolt badge has been revoked.

A little bit of guilt and remorse on both sides, everyone hugs it out and Boomerang joins the team again. But not before one more betrayal where Shocker finds himself tied up in the back of a sinking Town Car.

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maybetoby said...

Yeah I don't really see how demons attack Dazzler have to do with humans hating mutants. I mean, she did win the election after all.

Poor Cyborg. Of course Batman and his booty call survive.

As much as I like Hal Jordan's adventures with the Corps, we really need him back in Justice League. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Aquaman all have their own solo adventures. Heck, Batman and Superman have multiple titles. And we all accept that. So it's long overdue for Hal to return to the Justice League comic.

Captain Marvel acts like he doesn't know Rick Jones, even though they met in the Ultimate Doomsday Trilogy.

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