Sunday, October 13, 2013

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 10/09/2013

Eyes are on New York this week for the big Comic-Con, but take a rest with Moments of the Week! It's a big week of debuts and reveals, as Infinity changes the way you look at negotiating, Kieron Gillen's Three debuts to show Sparta in a different light, Superman/Wonder Woman arrives, and Batman finally shows the first chronological appearance of Bruce Wayne's alter ego. So much more after the jump, go get started! 

Astro City #5

Sometimes the smaller heists are more important, as Dame Progress discovers a hundred years ago. Another reason why Astro City is one of the best books ever published.

Avengers Arena #16

Time's finally running out and the survivors resort to fighting one another after Cullen went monster crazy, while Death Locket and Tim/Katy Bashir have been hiding in the shadows of Arcade's underground lair for the past week and finally make a move to call for help from the outside:

Familiar? You'll find out in a few panels

So the old didn't die for the new. At least for another two issues.

Batman #24

Batman is an artist. In order to draw attention to the Red Hood Gang Bruce calls a press conference announcing his return to Gotham just outside the ACE Chemical building. You can see where this is going.

If you look at Red Hood One's helmet you can see what pre-Joker looked like, reminds me a lot of the witch from Snow White.

Three Forty Seven was Bruce's Uncle Philip, who was trying to make up for what Nigma had done. He dies, and Detective Gordon encounters Batman for the first time with a bang.

This was a double sized issue to make up for the Villain's Month, so on top of Red Hood becoming Joker the back-up this issue also has The Riddler turning off the power in Gotham.

Captain America #12

Poor Cap, even though he's incredibly judgmental and picks on mutants who disagree with him, he has had a decade's worth of bad mojo.

Eternal Warrior #2

What's the deal with Xaran? Seems Earth doesn't want her to be around. Cue a flashback to Oklahoma in 1877 when Gilad was doing work for Earth, thinking he was doing the right thing by stopping soldiers from killing indians.

I kind of like this take on Mother Earth being a god and Gilad just not caring anymore due to his immortality. It's like a reverse hippie thing. Really, pick this series up.
Green Lantern Corps #24

John and his team do their best to hold off Relic but Oa is starting to break apart, and Ergann makes sure the others are saved:

Relic is still around, Oa is gone, and the remaining Lanterns have whatever's left on their charge before the green light goes away seemingly forever.

Infinity #4

The Builder should have realized something was up when Thor threw his hammer into space. Not so smart now, huh? Hala and the Kree again return to the fight.

Manhattan Projects #15

The Oppenheimer Civil War rages on, as Robert and the blues try to use logic against John's chaos, but it doesn't seem to work out. So you fight fire with fire.

It's nice to see a scientific genius also use an internet meme.

Superman/Wonder Woman #1

As is always the case the two find themselves called to help civilians with a storm off the Norwegian Coast, and while Superman takes people to land, Diana runs into something unexpected.

The art is very pretty, probably the best Tony Daniel has drawn so far in his career. And for the most part the issue has a good handle on both Clark and Diana, so there's promise here.

Thor: God of Thunder #14

Thor meet Tolkein as every race teams up to take out Malekith, now inthe land of the dwarves, continuing his puge of the Dark Elves.

I'm not alone in thinking sword does beat hammer, right? Then again a hammer is more versatile....

Three #1

The "utopia" is Sparta, a world where the helots are culled and broken so that Spartans may reign supreme. This story focuses on three helots: Klaros, Damar, and Terpander, a hundred years after the Spartans pushed back the Persians as seen in 300.

Spartans arrive in the helot village and demand housing, while also treating the residents as trash. Terpander's wit gets the better of him.

Of course this upsets the Spartans. A really good tale with lovely art, I just wish there was more of it to read.

X-Men #6
When the future X-Men find out Hank and Bobby left the school with Illyana, they show their true colors. Kitty was actually the son of Wolverine and Mystique in the future. Iceman turns out to be just ice in the form of a man (giant).

Reminiscent of the days when Nate Summers would create his own little bubble to protect him, Shogo, Jubilee, Bling and Psylocke escape but the School is on super duper lockdown with everyone else prisoners inside. But the cavalry arrives.

Being on a team with your mom, that has to be annoying.

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maybetoby said...

So far I was kinda "meh" about Year Zero, but this issue was awesome.

Cap is a dick to mutants.

I'm sure the Green Lanterns will be saved at the eleventh hour or whatever. It's just hard to take these stakes seriously, cuz you know they're going to be okay in the end.

You should never let your guard down anytime Thor throws his hammer away.

Tony Daniel's art was good during his Batman run with Grant Morrison. But then it took a weird turn when he was writer and artist. Then it started getting good again in the new 52. I really liked his art he did in the two issues of Justice League.

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