Sunday, October 20, 2013

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 10/16/2013

It's a super big edition of Moments of the Week as lots of things go boom, a few go bang, and others make that Delorean sound as you travel through time. Today sees Avengers and New Avengers dealing with fallout in Infinity, Two-Face gets a new origin, we see Zero's training days, Angela's new Marvel origin is revealed in Guardians of the Galaxy, and we also have the debut of Strange Nation and Imagine Agents. A lot, lot more after the jump so let's begin!

Avengers #21

What is it with heroes and hammers these past few weeks? The fight continues, as even the Annihilation swarm is unleashed against the Builders but nothing works until Captain Universe awakens to talk to her "children"

All but one Builder is killed, who then goes for the "screw you" option:

Batman & Two-Face #24

Harvey Dent is no longer disfigured during a trial, but as retribution from Irish Queenpin Erin McKillen, who also killed Gilda. Looks like Long Halloween isn't going to be part of DC history now. 

Batman/Superman #4 

Earth-2, or the duo that best represents the old way, plan on destroying the crystal but Sam Lane is able to use it to fight Superman. Meanwhile Lois and Selina are about to crash nearby. It looks like a job for Supermen:

So the new heroes we have are ruthless and dangerous, that's pretty disparaging. Memories are wiped, Clark and Bruce are back on Earth, and we know what happens to the Earth-2 team.

Buzzkill #2

Things aren't going so well for Ruben (whose name seems to be Absolute but they cross it out in the story), but his Batman friend Eric helps out while he finds alcohol to help power up. Off the wagon, into the arms of chaos.

That's Ruben's new sponsor, a hippie Dr. Strange.

Guardians of the Galaxy #7

Heven is a place where people are trained in one specific thing. Angela's was being a hunter, something she was doing when the time stream broke, which is why she was floating on that head.

She's let go and finds the stories she heard are true. All this happens just before Infinity.

Hawkeye #13

After a delay Hawkeye is back and it's another issue where it ties into the Pizza Dog issue, weaving together unseen parts of Clint's life until then. Gonna have to go back and read it all in one sitting.

Hunger #4
Rick Jones now has the ability to unleash the Gah-lak-tus killer, but can't do it because of the Kree refugees that would also perish. Time to use his teleport abilities to their utmost:

The swarm is dead (or is it?) and is with Rick in another universe, while a damaged Galactus heads to the Ultimate Earth.

Imagine Agents #1

Kids have powerful imaginations, which create some pretty wacky creations. And for those beings that can't keep their existence to a minimum, you call on the Imagine Agents. Not all imaginary friends are bad though:

Fear not, there's a place just for these forgotten creatures:

A fun series that isn't so much about the kids as the agents having to deal with their imaginations, give it a look and you'll make your day a little brighter. The fact that they point out how silly the acronym is should give you all the reason you need to pick up the book (take that, SHIELD!)

Justice League of America #8

J'onn and Stargirl (along with Firestorm's other half Jason) find themselves in some kind of psychic prison that is tailored to each of the members of the League, feeding on doubts or desires. Courtney escapes the prison somehow to find herself back in a CSA controlled Washington.

New Avengers #11
It seems there were Builders from other universes who have been traveling the multiverse looking for a solution to the constant chaos of universes merging. Meanwhile Wakanda falls, and secrets are revealed to Thanos:

Back above the other intruding earth, it seems the solution has become apparent:

Strange Nation #1

Norma is the protagonist of the series, someone who kept discovering all those Weekly World News stories were actually true, but everyone dismissing her. An outcast of the journalism world, she still looks to uncover the oddities of the world with Strange Nation. A gorilla man would definitely qualify. But she's not alone in her push for the truth.

Someone pretty big in the music industry died in 1977, who liked fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Could it be? Nah. This is a nice opening to the series, laying down the framework for someone having to deal with the oddities in the world but no one believing her discoveries.

Superior Spider-Man #19

Note the bottom panels, of a certain someone breaking free of the rubble of memories. Who could it be.....

Ock screwed up, and Horizon Labs doesn't exist anymore, being pulled out of existence. The timestream is fixed though, with Stone destroying it in the future, keeping Miguel in the past.

Uncanny X-Men #13

Molly might not be around anymore, but Jean, Hank, and Raze (Wolverine's son) are able to capture Iceman and Beast and send them back:

It seems that whatever is going on with time, it wants nothing to do with the original five X-Men. Way to go, Hank.

Wonder Woman #24
Good intentions or not, what the hades, Hera.

Diana doesn't want to join the pantheon, which seems to be just fine with Apollo. Hermes then points out the current familial situation she finds herself in:

X-O Manowar #18

Aric has to go deal with someone launching a missile into his new territory, while others plan to kill the visigoths that remain. Bad choice.

 Only one super-suit, but a few mega robots to help out. Seems a little bit of unity is needed...

Zero #2

It's a flashback (well, another one) to Zero's youth, as he trained with other kids to be the super spy we saw last issue. Can't answer questions in class, you're sent to the box, which Zero escaped in the pages above. They want to eat meat, they have to kill their food, and friendships don't really exist. But he does have someone close, a friend named Mina:

Flash forward a little bit and Zero has his first mission, to kill and ex-IRA member, who now has a happy family:

Garreth, the overseer for Zero's mission, finishes the job in a rather bloody fashion. Beautiful artwork from Tradd Moore, a fluid cartoonish look that really contradicts what Zero has to endure to become a spy. Get this book.

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maybetoby said...

It was pretty much a given that Long Halloween isn't part of the New 52.

Looking forward to the end of the Ultimate line. Found it really disappointing lately, especially Ultimate X-Men. Rogue saw Xavier, Pietro saw Wanda and Magneto. And we still don't know why? Mister Sinister found and captured Alex Summers and is apparently still working for Apocalypse. All that was shoved aside for Kitty and Jean getting into a slap fight. I still don't know why they're fighting.

I liked Superior Spider-Man at first because he was a union of Peter and Otto. Now that he got rid of Peter, he's just Otto cosplaying as Spider-Man. And doing a lousy job at that. I liked it better when he still was part Peter.

Rocker69 said...

I'm really amazed at the ambition of Infinity, even though there are obvious plot holes. Considering all the other omega entities in the Marvel Universe, I find it hard to believe in these Builders as the ones who, I don't know, "built" everything? What about Roma, The Living Tribunal, Eternity, Galactus, etc.? And they look so's just a hard pill to swallow in my opinion. I do admire the scope and the ambition and Thanos face when he decided not to release Black Swan was THE moment for me.

And I'm VERY curious as to what's gonna happen to Miguel O'Hara now. Never saw this one coming from Marvel and I followed the whole Spider-Man 2099 series so I'm very excited for this. And the art was amazing.

As for Battle of the Atom...well, thanks to the solicitations, we all know that the past X-Men will continue in 616 and will get new costumes so the whole event is now pointless to me and I still have no idea as to why the "fake" X-Men are evil and why adult Jean Grey, who I love to death, is behaving like such a villain. Honestly I think this whole event is a mess and I absolutely hate the past X-Men existence in 616, even though the series itself is actually not bad.

JLA was a very good issue, Forever Evil is surprisingly good. and WW is always good, no surprises there.

And Ken...I don't think you've been following Fables but I HIGHLY recommend you pick issue 134 that came out last week. You don't even need to understand what's happening as it almost works as a one-off. Brought tears to my eyes, it is THAT good.

maybetoby said...

@Rocker69, don't forget about the Celestials. Newsarama posted an interesting article about the similarities between the Builders and the Celestials.

Rocker69 said...

Exactly! Like I said, not only they look very ordinary for such powerful God-like creatures but it comes into conflict with lots of other cosmic entities, I'm very confused with the God hierarchy in the Marvel U now...and let's not forget the biggest joke of the decade, making freaking Guido into the Lord of Hell. Love Peter David to death but he must have been high when he did that.

maybetoby said...

@Rocker69, here's the aricle if you haven't seen it already.

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