Friday, October 4, 2013

Moth City Season 3 Part 1 Review

Desperation causes people to do horrible things, and Moth City is a comic full of desperate people. With a bioweapon tearing the city apart, things are bound to get far worse before they get any better. In issue #5, the stakes continue to rise. Hit the jump for more!

Moth City: Season 3 Part 1 (issue #5)
Story and art by: Tim Gibson

The ending of issue #4 dropped a bombshell that characters are still recovering from, specifically Governor McCaw. The life of his city, business, and daughter are all on the line, and as chaos continues to spread he must find the stolen canisters before Major Hong gets tired of waiting. In the midst of the mass panic on the island, Jun and his wife Shuang, the story’s biggest underdogs, try to enact their escape, but the infected citizens are closing in on all sides. The stakes are rising for everyone, and it’s truly questionable if anyone will make it out alive.

This issue is McCaw’s best showing. There’s urgency to every one of his actions as he tries to solve all of his problems. It gives us a glimpse of his humanity as he dives into the bottom of a bottle to earn some reprieve from his biggest troubles. His drunken state also leads to my favorite panel of this issue involving a jar full of blood. It’s a brilliant moment ending in genuine surprise for the characters and us readers.

McCaw deserves this drink.

As much as I love the story development in this issue, the art captured my attention the most. This may come as a surprise when compared to the previous action-filled issues. The fact of the matter is that Gibson’s art has greatly improved. Compared to the first issue, there is a drastic difference in detail. His line work and coloring are more precise adding to more expressive characters and a detailed world. He’s also better at utilizing his digital format. Dynamic speech bubbles offer pauses in conversations to make the conversations be read in a more realistic manner, and Gibson even goes so far as to simulate the glare on the eyes that one receives when walking out from a dark room. The effects are wonderful and add more depth to the story.

VERDICT - Must Read!

Moth City is a fascinating digital comic. Each issue shows Gibson’s growth as an artist and storyteller while boasting phenomenal work in every category. As Moth City crosses the halfway point, Gibson refuses to pump the brakes. If you aren’t reading this comic, then you need to reevaluate your choices in comics. Buy it here or give it a read at

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