Thursday, October 10, 2013

New York Comic Con - It's Where I'm At!

As you are more than likely aware, New York Comic Con is getting underway today.  It's a mighty big con that usually sees some major announcements (heck, it already has at this point), but the biggest news to come out of the con this weekend will be that I'm down there to provide coverage for The Weekly Crisis!

Okay, that probably won't be the big news for the weekend.  But it is big news for the site, as this is one of the first times we'll be covering a con in person.

Obviously we won't really be able to compete with some of the bigger sites when it comes to breaking those aforementioned announcements, so I'm hoping to instead give some slightly more intimate coverage, taking a look at things from the con floor to give those of you at home an idea of what's going down.  In other words, I'm going to try to shine a light at parts of the show that may not get as much play elsewhere.  So look to TWC for talks with creators - both established and up and coming - checking some of the panels, looks at some of the more interesting wares available, and general thoughts on the con itself.

Seeing as this is my first time covering a comic book convention, what we end up with may change and evolve over the course of the weekend, but I hope you'll stick around to see how it all turns out.

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Eric van Schaik said...

Hi Grant,

Nice feature. I'm from Holland. Every two years we have kind of a convention in Haarlem. Most of it in open air, every time an artist was asked to make a beer and the artist made a special logo for that beer. Kind of an interesting collectors item. If I ever win a large price I hope I can convince the family to go to an american convention. Which would be the best choice?

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Eric, that sounds pretty awesome. As for which con - it depends on how big you want it. San Diego sounds insurmountably huge but NYCC always sounds like the best big show. I went to ECCC recently and it's not as big but it's got all the big names and fun people and it's manageable.

Grant McLaughlin said...

Eric, I would say that Ryan is pretty spot on. I'm far from having been to every con, but New York has a nice balance between the major publishers and up and coming creators without being completely overwhelming, while Emerald City is a more intimate experience that punches above its weight category.

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