Sunday, November 3, 2013

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 10/30/13

November is upon us, but we still have one more Moments of the Week for October to wrap up. Hit the jump to see fifth week moments as Infinity moves toward it's big conclusion with speeches and monuments, Saga takes board games very seriously, we continue the Elseworlds tale of Damian taking up the mantle of his father, The Fox returns under Dean Haspiel and Mark Waid's pens to put some bounce back in classic superheroes, and the end to Battle of the Atom....doesn't really answer anything.

Infinity #5

While Earth has fallen, the other species recognize the support the Avengers gave and will help free the planet from Thanos' army. But this doesn't matter at the moment, Thanos' son has been found:

Serious family issues.

Avengers #22

To compliment the main series, Avengers takes a look at the down time as the ships make their way back to Earth. Eden looks for some motivation but doesn't really get it from Cap. But to balance out Cap's half-empty approach, there's always Thor:

Look at the krogan, the asari, the salarians, all helping humanity take Earth back. Let's hope this ending is better than that game's was.

Damian: Son of Batman #1

Chronicling the origin of Damian as we saw in Batman #666, it seems Batman dies thanks to one mackerel of a Joker plan. Now in his adolescence, Damian travels to find his birthplace and reunite with his family:

Angry, on his own save for Alfred, it's time for the former ninja kid to clean up the streets:

This isn't the Damian of Batman & Robin, or of much of Morrison's run. He's much more of a Jason Todd style punk than having any real plan. So on the writing front it leaves little to be desired. But the art is very, very good.

Guradians of the Galaxy #8

Due to delays this should have lined up more with the beginning of Infinity, but here we are. Gamora wants to go kill Thanos, but the others need to help SWORD and Agent Brand from being killed aboard her station. Oddly, Drax is quiet during this whole thing, you would expect more from the guy who has a genetic kill-switch to go after the mad titan and has done so twice in the past decade.

Help is help, right?

Itty Bitty Hellboy #3

I was waiting for a joke about using heck instead of hell, despite the titular character, and this did not disappoint.

Saga #15

Grandma's not joking either. But checking in on The Will, we see that perfect planet really isn't perfect:

Bad, bad Sophie.

Superior Spider-Man #20

Ock doesn't have time for flirting, he's in a serious relationship, and on top of that he's going to start up his own company to take the place of Horizon:

Why, it's all coming up Ock, all he has to do now is present his thesis and become a doctor, and just watch the money pile up, right?

Looks like that Parker Luck affects anyone who inhabits that body. Is Slott sowing the seeds for Ock's superior world to come crumbling down?

The Fox #1

Paul Patton is a photo-journalist, kind of a cross between Peter Parker and Lois Lane. When he feigns interest in interviewing a superstar promoting her new facebook platform, he gets more than he imagined. But unlike other heroes, he doesn't hide in the utility room to dress into The Fox:

Seeing as how this is a Mark Waid scripted issue, his fingerprints are on that Man of Steel movie reference.

So demon ladies looking to feast on your insecurities over the internet, a connection to a mob boss, these all hit the correct boxes on the superhero checklist. A really enjoyable start if you're a fan of classic Spider-Man or the current Daredevil series.

X-Men: Battle of the Atom #2

Those missiles Xorn launched last week didn't all have explosives, some were Sentinels. New Sentinels. Secret Sentinels.

Returning to the Schism for Old Jean's anger, although the Brotherhood had existed long before then. A final clash with the original X-Men sets off the climax of the issue:

So, at the end of the day, Old Jean is seemingly dead (but this is Jean we're talking about), the future Brotherhood is still in the present and don't return to their time, future Colossus, Beast, and Jubilee are dead, we don't know what caused the incident with Dazzler in the future, or anything showing why the Brotherhood wanted to change the past so badly. The usual sneering from both Scott and Logan is still around, and that's about it. Until the very end:

At this point the Xavier School probably has more students than the Jean Grey School. This was an event that started offf promisingly, like it had something to really tell. By the end it turned into just another cash grab with some incredibly rushed art. Disappointing, considering how well the X-Books have been since Marvel NOW!

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maybetoby said...

Battle of the Atom was one big waste. As you already said, we still have no idea what the brotherhood was trying to do. What exactly was the point of this "event?"

Damian is being written by Kubert, so sadly it's going to feel different from how Morrison wrote the character.

You left out the Action Comics Annual. Returning to Krypton is kind of a big deal, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

No love for Sandman Overture?

Rocker69 said...

Battle of the Atom was a travesty and the reason I'm dropping the X-Men titles from my pull list. I'm sick of it, Marvel doesn't know what to do with them anymore. I'm only looking forward to the new X-Factor, because I love Peter David.

Infinity was a good crossover with amazing art but the Builders were very bad villains and it all seems slightly forced. I still don't understand the point of the crossover, what was Marvel trying to achieve with this exactly? I don't think it changes anything (with the exception of the Inhumans thing, which I'm still not sure is such a good idea)

maybetoby said...

Events are like movies, they should be able to stand on their own instead of existing to set up what comes next. Infinity feels like it only exists to set up Inhumanity, just like how Age of Ultron only existed to set up current events in the Marvel Universe.

Ken Boehm said...

I know it's supposed to be a big story but I can't help but feel it's not going to be anything. The last two times Superman went to Krypton it was an alternate world left by Brainiac, and then we had Kandor come to us before the Reboot. I know they've been saying Superman #25 is supposed to be a big issue, and if that's the case I'll make room.

I might put that in this week's stack, but at the same time it's kind of a hard issue to consistently make work for MOTW in both page and story layout (it's definitely a reread type book). Then again it's bimonthly and you'd have to wait a year for the trade, it's an awkward position.

Rocker69 said...

I thought the point of Infinity was to pull the Guardians of the Galaxy and Marvel cosmic heroes in general closer to Earth heroes because of the GofG movie. Was I alone on this? And Thanos is a great villain but I don't think he was used properly there. There was no buildup that lead to his new goal, I think it was a missed opportunity, they could have done this over on New Avengers, for instance.

I sometimes feel as though Marvel is walking on very shaky ground lately with these larger than life events and shakeups and all. New number ones all the time, events every 3 months, etc...I know it's working out for them so far but for how long?

maybetoby said...

I think the current "Marvel Cosmic" stuff is bullshit. It's like Bendis has no clue about the previous Guardians of the Galaxy comic by DnA. Thanos Imperative was a far superior cosmic event than Infinity. Shit, even Gladiator was done wrong in Infinity, why is he still wearing his funeral uniform? They don't even acknowledge that Gladiator and Ronan worked together as the Annihilators, Ikon gets killed, and no one even reacts to that.

I have event fatigue from Marvel. The New 52 has been around for two years and is just now doing their first "event" book with Forever Evil. Marvel should take a quality over quantity approach, each recent event at the end has left me thinking "what was the point?"

Rocker69 said...

I agree. I enjoy crossovers but what was the last good Marvel event? I actually think Infinity had some really good things going, especially the art and the scope. I just wished they used better villains and had actually included the Guardians, Silver Surfer, etc.

Outside of Civil War, all the others were crap. Secret Invasion, Siege, Fear Itself (yikes), Avengers vs X-Men, Age of Ultron (the horror)...all very poorly done with horrible pacing and ham-fisted situations. Infinity is a step forward but still not all it could have been.

And as much as I dislike DC overall, I think Forever Evil has been really well executed so far, at least the main series.

Anonymous said...

So were you asleep during Night of the Owls & Trinity War? Because both of those were events DC published the latter being terrible.

maybetoby said...

Anonymous, I was specifically referring to event books, like House of M, Civil War, Secret Invasion, etc...

I didn't count Night of the Owls and Trinity War since they took place within the pages of already existing titles. All I was saying was that Marvel has been putting out one event book after another in rapid succession with small breaks in between.

maybetoby said...

Ken Boehm, I can't help but agree with you on that one. And all that New Krypton stuff did piss me off in the end. I liked the New Krypton story itself, as well as Last Stand of New Krypton. but War of the Supermen was where it jumped the shark for me. I knew DC was going to "put their toys back in the box," but I just didn't like the decision to nuke New Krypton in an act of genocide.

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