Sunday, November 17, 2013

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 11/13/13


It's time again for a look at some highlights of the industry in today's Moments of the Week. All-New X-Men looks to get back on the right track after Battle of the Atom, Batman is working in a Gotham blackout, and Thor has a long talk with a good friend. Also in store today is the first issue of Image's Manifest Destiny and Valiant's new series Unity. Hit the jump for all that and much more.

All-New X-Men #18

Moving day for the original X-Men as they join Cyclops' Xavier School. But hey, it looks like it will soon be two redheads at the school.

Illyana's trying to not be as crazy as she was in the previous Uncanny X-Men run, surprising even her former friend Kitty.

Presto change-o, new uniforms.

Avengers Arena #17

The space character gets the stone from space, logical enough. In the hidden bunker Arcade escapes but convinces Katy that it's better to be the badguy:

Batman #25
The first bat-signal. While the city is still in a blackout with a hurricane about to make landfall, Bruce is working in his not yet familiar batcave.

Bruce is kind of being a bully to Gordon, shooting him with a bean bag last issue and siccing bats on him now.

Justice League of America #9

Another issue of exploring the mental prison the JLA finds themselves in, but we also get Stargirl's origin. And as J'onn narrates, her lack of guilt or fear is the one thing that allows her to not get caught up in her own mental jail.

Manhattan Projects #16

Oppenheimer and Westmoreland go about torturing, yet there seems to be something they didn't expect.

Manifest Destiny #1

The history books lied to us, turns out there was an Arch in St. Louis all along.That's a very ominous flower, too.

And now I'm sold. Great art, strong characterization as it fleshes out the beginning of the Lewis and Clark expedition and the other members of the group, along with these hereto unknown revelations about American history.

Superior Spider-Man #21

Ock's old flame is valiantly trying to avenge her lover, a fight which finds its way to the new relationship in Ock's life.

Ock uses the same technology to make peace with Angelina by creating his old body in hard light form. But he also takes the moment to fix his potential loss of a doctorate:

That's one problem fixed, looks like Peter's new business is ready to roll.

Superman/Wonder Woman #2
A trip to Hephaestus' shop for weapons capable of dealing with a monster like Doomsday also brings Apollo and Strife to judge their sister's new boyfriend. It does not go well.

I think the point was made.

Thor: God of Thunder #15

Sif won't like this.

 Malekith is a nasty, nasty dude.

Three #2

The Ephor's son escapes, and so do the three Helots who avenged their slaughtered friends. He returns to Sparta to tell of what happens. The remaining Ephors decide to send their king, Kleomenes II to find these Helots, in an attempt to send a message. The King disagrees:

Against the King's opinion, he and three hundred Spartans head out to find these commoners.

Unity #1
Harada looks to his psiot program as the first wave of attack against Aric, with predictable results:

Ouch. The first plan doesn't work, so now the other members of Valiant's books are going to be called up for issue #2.

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maybetoby said...

I really like the All-New X-Men uniforms.

Wouldn't it be funny if Gordon got rabies from Bruce's bat-prank lol

Superman vs Apollo was fun.

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