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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 01/08/14


It's the first full week of 2014, and with it Moments of the Week is full of new books. Today we'll check out the newest X-Factor series, Avengers World debuts, along with Black Widow. Also on tap is some fun with Bandette and Quantum & Woody, and the final issue of Young Avengers. All that and more after the jump.

All-New X-Factor #1
Gambit's been busted by the newest nanny in the Marvel Universe, so what's a thief to do? Take up Polaris on an offer to work for a corporate superhero team, for one.

Peter David fans will like this opening issue, as it's his usual style with a few new characters. And Quicksilver.

Avengers World #1

The Avengers return to Earth after Infinity and everything around the world seems to be going off-kilter. Storms on the East Coast, a country was actually living on the head of a dragon, what else?

A.I.M. seems to be evolving just the way Reed Richards created his little world in Hickman's first Ultimates issue. And for the first time in a while, they actually seem to be a threat.

Bandette #6

It's all about the thrill of the steal, so incredibly one-sided trades are ok, I guess. But Absinthe has called in a big gun to take out Bandette.

Monsieur gets another piece of art off his list, but he should get as asterisk next to it thanks to help from beach bunnies.

Black Widow #1

Natasha's got a lot of guilt she's trying to work off and atone for, so these off-hour jobs pay that debt. But it's not the way you think it is...

This art is fantastic, and worth the price of admission alone. But if the missions can be a reversal of the normal fare we might actually have a Black Widow series that can stick around.

Cataclysm #3
Reed knows Miles was told to kill him, but when they arrive in the 616 universe world the formerly (or still) crazy scientist gets the two into the Baxter Building with no problems, only some reflection.

That would have been a nice cruel twist, Val is responsible for speeding up the end of the Ultimate Universe. But the two return to their world with info in hand on how to stop Galactus. Hopefully.

Manifest Destiny #3

Survivors? Turns out they seem to know what happened to the people of LaCharette. They're these veggie zombies who seemed to originate from some tainted animal meat.

Before everyone can return to their ships and avoid the Minotaurs, there's still one more thing needed, and another twist of history arrives:

Sacagawea, monster hunter. I have no idea what to expect from this book. And that's why I like it so much.

Quantum & Woody #7

Sure they're crazy, but hero worship is a tough thing to ignore. Woody escapes and joins his brother just before the compound is about to be destroyed, but the brothers are stuck between two extremes:

Three #4

Klaros' origin seems to be revealed, as the three are given a path by a Helot to use to escape from the Spartans. Turns out they were betrayed by their own and lured into a trap for Nestos to kill them:

Nestos is dead, Terpander is dead, and the other 300 Spartans have found them. Klaros dons the armor in a cliffhanger for the next issue.

Young Avengers #15

It's one of those quick tying of loose ends endings, where Tommy is back just because it's weird to have him lost wherever with the series ending, and just some hints at what Patriot was or is. I just kind of expected more from the book.

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maybetoby said...

Avengers World looks promising. Can't wait to see what they do about the dragon. I love dragons.

I don't really buy Ultimate Reed's repentant attitude. This guy has done waaaaaaaaaaaay too much evil stuff.

No love for Detective Comics #27?

Bishop finally gets a much deserved ass-kicking from Hope in Cable and X-Force #18

And it looks like a Martian has shown up in Earth 2 #19.

Deebo305 said...

I really liking what I see in Avengers World, may pick up that one

Gotta love Val.only she could say what I think about Franklin :)

As for Young Avengers, I have nothing against the book but still finding hard to Prodigy as suddenly gay or bisexual I guess after years of being straight with a girlfriend but I suppose any can happen when character are tossed in comic book limbo, just look at the Avengers Arena cast

maybetoby said...

"but I suppose any can happen when character are tossed in comic book limbo, just look at the Avengers Arena cast"

Bwa ha ha!

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