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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 01/15/14


Welcome to another edition of Moments of the Week, where everyone is back in the saddle of making comics! Today we'll check out a big retcon in All-New X-Men, Superior Spider-Man reaches what could be seen as the third act, and we see another familiar face return in Superman/Wonder Woman. More after the jump as always, so let's begin.

All-New X-Men #21

In God Loves, Man Kills, Reverend Stryker says he killed his wife and newborn son because he was a mutant. Either he gave that son to AIM, or he had another son who was also a mutant. Either way, AIM returns to help with the time displaced mutants and avoiding a butterfly effect, while X-23 is shown what she thought would stay hidden forever:

 The enemy is defeated quickly thanks to Jean, but it seems the no hugs policy is out the door now:


Amazing X-Men #3

Azazel does have the evil 80's villain one-liners down. Maybe this is where Kurt got his banter from.

Daredevil #35

In order to help Foggy, Matt is forced to take the Sons of the Serpent case, or the genie he tried to force back into the bottle will be restored with extra information. With only one issue left in this series, what does he do?

Planetarian was investigating a destroyed world, but meets his demise. Flashback to 30 years prior, and the reveal of the Earth Galactic Operatives:

Deuce and his wife Pixel, the daughter of the villain Repliqa above, hear Planetarian's message and plan to create a new team, but it's done in a way that upsets Pixel:

Clones everywhere. It's a series that reads a bit like a more cynical version of the Legion of Superheroes, and has enough hooks to keep you interested. I recommend it.

Superior Spider-Man #25
While Superior Venom is fighting the Avengers, a goblin war starts brewing, introducing the newest member to the Green Goblin's team:

Otto is too late to realize the symbiote was influencing him, and is unable to regain control over it. But like clockwork thanks to the new movie coming soon, a familiar ghost appears:

A shame for Otto, this well laid excuse doesn't gel with the Avengers. Otto's downfall begins here.

Superman/Wonder Woman #4

And like that the Fortress' collection of species is unleashed. Read the manual next time, Clark.

And there we go, a villain for Wonder Woman to fight while Superman deals with Zod, and a crowing break in the Phantom Zone projector, just what Doomsday would need to truly break free.

Uncanny X-Men #16

Madripoor doesn't really fit with what Magneto thought an island of mutants would be, and he should know, ruling Genosha for a time. But he soon learns the truth:

Magneto tears down Mystique's building and goes off on his own, disgusted at the idea of simple complacency. This was basically a lead-in to Magneto's new series.

Unity #3

Livewire stops the nuke and saves Aric and the Visigoths from drowning, and then gives up the armor to Harada, but not out of loyalty:

One thing is for sure about the Unity team, they are on a roll when it comes to taking out the biggest threats in the Valiant universe. First Aric, then Harada.

Velvet #3

Turns out X-14 had an affair with a Yugoslavian general's wife before he died, and she might have information to figure out just what is going on in the agency. But she has some demands herself:

Things go from bad to worse, and it's still incredibly fascinating to read.

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maybetoby said...

At first I liked Otto as the Superior Spider-Man, but he's just been getting more and more full of himself. Can't wait for Amazing Spider-Man to come back.

That "KRRRRRACK" in Superman/Wonder Woman make it sound like Faora got her neck snapped...?

Somebody better tell Mystique about the giant dragon Madripoor is sitting on top of. I think it's cool that Magneto is having his own adventure, but I hope he returns to the Uncanny X-Men. I really like him as a member.

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