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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 01/22/14


It's a big edition of Moments of the Week as the publishing world concentrate a bunch of titles upon us all in one week. Today sees the All-New X-Men run into their first aliens, Batman learns to accept help, Zero drops a big swerve and the Avengers deal with those pesky beekeepers. All that and much more after the jump.

All-New X-Men #22.NOW

What's one way to break this tension? Have the Shi'ar show up and abduct Jean.

Way to be late to the party, summer movie team.

Avengers #25
AIM's looking to breach the multiverse themselves, and of course the first thing they pick up is a version of the Avengers:

These Avengers leave AIM Island, but are still on our Earth, taking in the differences.

Forever Evil 2.0

Avengers World #2

AIM is everywhere these days.

Batman #27

Batman accepts Gordon's help, and while they return to shore Gordon explains why he's kept the coat that Bruce Wayne pointed out during their last encounter.

So now there's no reason for Batman to be angry at Gordon, and his second friend after Alfred appears. Aw.

Batman & Two-Face #27

Before Harvey was D.A., he was a high priced defense attorney helping to make the streets of Gotham worse, but with the McKillen girls breathing down his back he starts to have his doubts. Enter a recently returned Bruce Wayne to the picture:

Black Widow #2
Blowing up a bad guy with a bazooka leaves a mess for Natasha's lawyer Isaiah to clean up. Where's Natasha? In Beijing fighting the Iron Scorpion:

I love the shift in the linework when it goes to the "clean up" flashback. This is your Eisner winner for artist right here, soak it all up.

Eternal Warrior #5
The year is 4001, and Gilad is now emperor of land in what was formerly Little Rock, Arkansas. But the peace is disrupted by an ancient machine, which contains something he hasn't seen for centuries:

Fortunately, a decent amount of the people he ruled made it to a bomb shelter, where they think he is leaving them to die:

It's like a much less depressing version of The Road! This is a very good place to start picking up the series, you won't be disappointed.

Hawkeye #16

Despite the music being before her time, Kate is looking to help Will find the music and help him break free from his brother's grasp:

Poor Champions.

Kate's caught and loses the fight, but we find out that it's not as one-sided as it seems:

In the end Will finally debuts his masterpiece song, with a shout out to a special hero:

Hulk enjoys 60's fusion bubblegum pop.

Justice League #27

Is that a Superman: Red Son callback with the ship? Cue the A-Team music for Vic's rebuilding montage:

Ambitious but not rubbish.

Wolverine & the X-Men #40

Could this hopefully be the end of the whole Schism? Can Wolverine stop acting so superior to Cyclops now? Let's hope so.

Wonder Woman #27

While Diana's got a trick up her sleeve to use Moon's help in finding Zola, Dionysus is revealing his true power to the wayward mother:

It's something you know they do, since it was in every other tale in the past, but these gods are all kind of messed up.

X-O Manowar #21
Aric and the visigoths are currently detained by the US in order to find out more about the suit, giving the Vine's ship to the Russians in exchange for the armor now currently controlled by Livewire and Harada over in Unity:

When Aric gets his armor back he could make it red, white and blue.

Zero #5

Zero's not entirely there, and the agency seems to realize it. Still, Zizek shows Zero a location he's not supposed to. Here's where it gets weird:

You got your aliens mixed in with my spy story. Yet it's not so far fetched, is it?

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maybetoby said...

How can Kitty tell those are Shi'ar? They're covered head to toe in armor and are speaking the Marvel generic alien language.

The way AIM is everywhere these days, you'd think they were gonna be the bad guy in a summer movie (even though we kinda got them in Iron Man 3).

So why does Smasher look like Yellowjacket?

I love Snyder, but his writing lately has been flaky. The explanation for Gordon returning to the store was very vague, there was no good reason for him to be there at that time of night. And the jacket would be so damaged that he'd look like a homeless man if he continued to wear it. No one would take a cop seriously with a jacket full of holes.

Sigh, everyone at Marvel keeps forgetting that Phoenix created a body based on Jean for itself. Jean was sealed away at the bottom of the bay when Dark Phoenix blew up a planet. And Wolverine is so self-righteous by acting like he isn't. "I'm not proud of what I do." Then stop doing it. "I'm no hero." Then stop dressing like on and pretending to be an Avenger. "There's no happy ending for me." Then change now and make it. I mean good grief, every conversation with him is a pity-party pretending not to be a pity-party. And again, the Avengers give Cyclops as much crap as Wolverine, but they still have Scarlet Witch (the destroyer of the mutant race) as a member. This discussion between Wolverine and Cyclops is just fluff and doesn't really solve anything. They split long before Cyclops became Dark Phoenix. And it doesn't change Beast's holier-than-thou attitude with Cyclops either (as he prepares to destroy other Earths alongside the New Avengers/Illuminati while simultaneously destroying the space-time continuum with the original X-Men).

Mathew said...

Hey gang. Love the CBMOTW feature. Just wondered why the 1st week of Feb post still hadn't gone up?

Anonymous said...

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