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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 02/26/14


After a few weeks on hiatus, although not as much as Hawkeye, Moments of the Week is back! Today we're going to check out the relaunch of Fantastic Four, see Wolverine & the X-Men end only to relaunch in a few weeks, and over in Uncanny Avengers the Marvel Universe ends. All that and Superman saving a puppy after the jump.

Batman/Superman #8

Starting a crossover with World's Finest, Batman and Superman are helping out Huntress with Power Girl's fluctuating powers. Poor french bulldog, subjected to near barbeque status.

It's ok, boulder to head worked in tempering her powers for a little bit.

Fantastic Four #1

The series starts with a lot of bad things happening, so everything is kind of set in a flashback. And it all starts with taking out Fin Fang Foom. While Val is living in Latveria with her Uncle Doom, Ben hits the reset and Johnny turns up the volume:

That's a fair agreement for a contract, stick to this time and planet.

Guardians of the Galaxy #12

Hugs for everyone, but no kisses yet. Corsair being alive is another unexplained mystery that litters the cosmic landscape. Meanwhile, Jean is put on trial for a crime she has yet to commit:

I can understand the reasoning behind the Shi'ar doing this, but what I don't get is why do it now instead of when Jean was around for years after the Phoenix killed itself, or herself, or whatever the Phoenix was at the time?

Hawkeye #15

Bros are trying to "evict" the apartment, but real bros are stopping them. For what nefarious purpose do the tracksuit vampires need the apartment? Did you ever see Don't Mess With the Zohan?

Kazu has a day job, and while the bros were getting beat up he snuck into the apartment. Cue cliffhanger:

Arrow in the head!

Manhattan Projects #18

Westmoreland makes Ahnald fighting the Predator look like two wusses slapping one another. With the big alien dead Oppenheimer recruits Einstein from the prison to help with his....mental issues, by sticking with shock therapy.

Oppenheimer has a big hole in his head, but we don't know who pulled the trigger. Until next issue.

Superior Spider-Man #28

Green Goblin (who knows Spidey is Ock) and his army attack Spider-Island, causing Ock to retreat. While this superpowered turf war goes on across NYC, Jameson reveals a new addition to the NYPD, which is just more Spider-Slayers:

Go Mary Jane.

All this is leading to Peter returning to normal in a few more issues.

Uncanny Avengers #17

Celestial wants to kill us, but poor manufacturing damns us all. Perhaps Wasp and Cap can still save the day!


This was Thor's fault, going all the way back to the old days. Marvel Universe: 1939-2014.

Wolverine & the X-Men #42

Quire gets promoted to the big leagues. But as always, villains look to cause trouble at these kind of events:

Hey, funk is better than.....Doopstep. Ok, ok, I'll throw myself out.

X-O Manowar #22
The Unity team returns the armor to Aric, and he comes to an agreement with the US. His people get a nice little area of land in Nebraska, where it's idyllic and peaceful and nothing could ever go wrong, right?

Aric's first mission as a US Operative is to make sure the Russians, in an oddly coincidental moment of comic and current events matching up, don't get the stockpile of advanced weapons that were in the Vine's ship.

 Uh oh.

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Jarmir said...

1st, thanks for bringin back this section, Ken! Was really missing it

Now some questions/comments:
1 - GotG: is this the original Jean brought back to life for the nth time or Rachel? lame is its the original :P
2 - Avengers books: each week I get the feeling that the Avenger books are happening in another reality.. havent seen the impact of many "moments of the week" in other books
3- Not sure if it was this week or last, but really liked how in Indestrcutible Hulk one of his assitances turn inhuman and has to power to "hulk out" when someone else is angry and actually calms that person (Angry vampire is what they call it)

Jarmir said...

Also, does anyone know why Marvel is restarting the numbering in a lot of their titles? Really hate that

Deebo305 said...

Had no idea FF was also getting a relaunch, haven't followed it since Future Foundation went Retro.

May start reading Ultimate Avengers again,that moment looks sick.As for GotG ...I'll wait a while

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for bringing this back!

Drive Scorpion said...

its really a good idea to re launching Ken. He is really good one for me Its power are tremendous. The fantastic four is surprisingly a good package now.

maybetoby said...

This is the original Jean Grey that was brought into the present (along with Cyclops, Iceman, Beast, and Angel) from the past by present-day Beast. That team is starring in All-New X-Men.

There is no reasoning to what Gladiator is doing. I guess EVERYONE has forgotten that it was never Jean Grey as the Phoenix, the Phoenix made a copy of Jean Grey while the real deal was sealed at the bottom of the bay. Funny how Marvel keeps forgetting that. Also, Gladiator's portrayal flies in the face of recent character evolutions he has gone through. Ever since War of Kings, he's been a pretty decent guy. Just check out Realm of Kings, Thanos Imperative, Annihilators, and even Wolverine and the X-Men. Heck, his son goes to the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning. He even fought alongside the Avengers in Infinity, but now he's just like "F*** ya'll, I do what I want." Even his troops are calling him out.

And yet again Bendis just brings someone back with absolutely no explanation. First Star-Lord, Drax, and Thanos, now Corsair. And last I checked, Hepzibah and Korvus were with the X-Men on Earth. But since this is Bendis and he gets a pass on everything, don't expect any explanations anytime soon.

After seeing the Earth destroyed, I think we all know that none of the deaths in Uncanny Avengers are going to stick. Bring on the next act.

C'mon, Aquaman had plenty of fun moments this week at his high school reunion.

As for Cataclysm's finale, Marvel finally had the chance to put the Ultimate Universe out of it's misery and they pussed out. I usually cheer for Galactus, and this was no exception.

Deebo305 said...

Doubt Bendis care about any of those incredible book about Marvels comsicverse. I always knew Thanos and Starlord would be back, hell new movie demand it

But just ignoring those events like they happened in some alternative timeline is total disrespect to the writers

On that note, can we get Richard Rider and Novacorps back? I haven't been following the story of whatshisface but can real Nova Corps members please stand up!

Elma Sherry said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elma Sherry said...

Phenomenal idea ! really nice to to re launching! always great experience with it.. stupendous


maybetoby said...

@Deebo305, there hasn't been any mention of Richard Rider in the new Nova comic. Again, it feels like they've been ignoring everything he did. Apparently Sam Maxwell (the new Nova) got his powers because his dad was a Black Nova, and was apparently friends with Gamora and Rocket Raccoon (even though we've never heard of the guy before). There's also been no mention of Richard's brother, Robbie, who was also a member of the Nova Corps.

It really pisses me off cuz I really loved everything that was going on in the Marvel Cosmic universe from Annihilation all the way to Thanos Imperative and Annihilators. But Marvel seems to be ignoring it. Cosmo and Knowhere recently made an appearance in the pages of the current Nova, but not much else has been mentioned from those previous stories. Which is sad.

Anonymous said...

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