Sunday, March 9, 2014

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 03/05/14


Spring forward, fall back, or just not interfere with the long standing method of telling time, it's another edition of Moments of the Week! Today sees Forever Evil reach the penultimate issue, She-Hulk hires an assistant, and we have a trio of new #1's with Moon Knight, Wolverine & the X-Men, and Ryan K. Lindsay's Headspace. Hit the jump to check all these out and more. 

Forever Evil #6
Batman and his villains sneak into the Crime Syndicate's lair, only to find Nightwing stuck to a bomb that will only deactivate if he dies. Clearly Batman and Luthor have varying opinions on how to deal with this. Meanwhile other members of this group free the mystery person who was brought over with the CSA:

So there's the reveal. It being Luthor is kind of a no-brainer, but being reverse Shazam is something new.

Headspace #1

What, you mean Carpenter Cove isn't like your town or city? Shane isn't really a Sheriff either, he's just trying to keep some kind of order in the small town. But it's weirder than that:

Max is a guy who we first see killing some Men in Black, and then fleeing into New York City. He's got some mental problems:


And with his mood changing chaos ensues in his mind:

But how is Shane in his mind if he's real, along with others in Carpenter Cove? A good first issue that mixes The Island and The Cell together while giving just enough information to keep reading on. And it's only a buck for a full issue, what other reason do you need to pick it up?

Moon Knight #1

It's a job for Classy Batman as Moon Knight deftly avoids the usual cop problem by just being a concerned citizen in a nice white suit. Turns out the butcher is a former SHIELD agent who is looking to harvest organs to put his body back together.

Day saved, it's time for a psychiatry run down of Warren Ellis' take on Moon Knight's personalities:

Uh oh. This is a really interesting take on Moon Knight, and the art is just whoa.

New Warriors #2

Around the world you have members of the yet-to-be-formed New Warriors being attacked for not being humans. Justice heads over to Avengers Tower to pull up what he can about these enemies:

Well, there was a Celestial who just blew up the Earth in Uncanny Avengers, so the High Evolutionary might be on to something.

Quantum & Woody #0
They ditch the Goat? Cue the flashback to Goat's past, where he escaped captivity to have a myriad of adventures:

Goat then sees the cloned sheep Dolly on a TV and heads to the science convention to meet her, but runs into tiny version of our titular characters:

Hijinks ensue, animals are captured and experimented on, and goats are subjected to mind meld machines.

"Boys I'm Your Fath-" What could it mean? And how could a Goat spell so well with his fire powers?

She-Hulk #2

Evil Monkey eyes are clearly ominous. After a day of trying to get clients Jen's old firm has been stonewalling her and ruining her reputation, so she goes out drinking with a Hellcat:

It's a trap, probably!

Uncanny X-Men #18
A flashback to just before Kitty and the original five arrived at Weapon X, Illyana brought Kitty over in order to help Scott talk stuff through. But the real draw here is Marco Rudy's art.

 So there we go, a reason for Kitty to ask Scott's team for help later.


Velvet #4
Velvet tracks Roman to the Carnival of Fools, where she stops him from being attacked by Russian assassins. And we learn fights shouldn't last more than seconds:

Roman saved, he reveals what he spoke with X-14 about days before he died:

Super reveal!

Wolverine & the X-Men #1

You put Quire in charge of a class, bad things happen. Where's Wolverine? At the Weapon Plus futuristic world, looking for Fantomex. And he also brought in a super guilt trip:

Tonally it's pretty much the same as the last series, but a relaunch is a relaunch is a relaunch.

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maybetoby said...

Getting really sick of Marvel relaunching a title with a new #1 every chance they get.

Adam Wollet said...

@maybetoby: I think what Marvel is trying to do is move away form the perpetual number all together. I agree with this. More and more books are now written in story arcs that are easily collected into trades.

I think it's time to start shifting our thinking toward "volumes" rather than "series". At least, the recent trend at Marvel seems to suggest that's what they are doing -- renumbering whenever a new volume begins. A volume can be marked by a change in creative team, significant tone shift, or pretty much anything that can distinguish one group of stories from another.

Personally, renumbering with a purpose like this doesn't bother me at all. If I'm already reading the book, then I was going to buy it anyway. If it helps get more people to try out a book, then go for it. At the end of the day it doesn't effect an existing reader at all.

maybetoby said...

But sometimes they start over with a new #1 when it's still the same creative team. I can understand renumbering when it's a new team, but when it's the same?

thomas morrison said...

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