Sunday, March 16, 2014

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 03/12/14

Welcome back to another edition of Moments of the Week, where explosions rule the day. Today sees Batman paying homage to Miller, Captain Marvel relaunches into space, and we find out how to split the atom superhero style in Superman/Wonder Woman. Always more after the jump, so let's begin.

All-New X-Men #24

Can't trust aliens, they're scheming and manipulative. As Jean escapes the X-Men and Guardians touch down, but find themselves in a fight with the Imperial Guard:

Reverse psychology, yeah, that's it.

Batman #29

That's one Miller-ism for the book, as the bat-dirigible makes it a full five minutes before being engulfed in flames. Time to return to another iconic Dark Knight image:

While Batman is fighting Dr. Death, the city is trying to get the lights back on. No dice.

Black Widow #4

Spy flies bother everyone. Natasha's already behind trying to track an assassin, and winds up in South Africa:

Not a good outing for the Widow this month. But when Noto draws, we all win.

Captain Marvel #1
Alien refugees might think shooting into NYC airspace is a common thing, it's not. Tony and Carol talk about the ever growing cosmic presence, and Carol gets a calling:

Rhodey's cool about it, but light year long distance, can it work?

East of West #10
Death's down an eye thanks to a jerk of an Oracle, and heads to the "grave" of the Endless Nation to find the man who knows where is son is, who also happens to be his companion Wolf's father. Meanwhile the other Horsemen are wondering if Death's child really is The Great Beast.

Wolf's father defeated, he's given a chance to reveal the location. 

The Ranger makes that shot from an extreme distance, accomplishing his job but making Death awful sore.

Fantastic Four #2

 Negative Zone nasties, Johnny's the guy. No way this could be a problem, nope. None at all.

At least Johnny can focus on his singing career now.

Manifest Destiny #5

Sacagawea and her husband stay back while Lewis and Clark and their crew looks to burn out this zombie spore at the root, but it turns out there's more than plant people:

Burn it. Burn it all.

Superior Spider-Man #29
Goblin also kidnaps Lamaze, but Ock laughs it off because they were never really friends. Until now.

Still haven't actually seen Norman, just computer faces and a goblin who has a hole in his chest but never takes off the mask, so we could still be setting up an imposter. Or maybe it will be a reverse of the reverse and actually be Norman. Or Harry, since he's going to show up in the movie this summer.

Superman/WonderWoman #6

The invisible chariot really is invisible, even to readers. But even with the special Olympus armor Zod and Faora are too much for the heroes (thanks to a sun infusion by Apollo), and look to finish their Phatom Zone projector.

That's kind of cold, Diana. The strongest people on the planet create a nuke and destroy Zod's projector, but the fallout:

That's actually a touching scene, Diana protected and Superman, well, not doing so well.

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maybetoby said...

All those years that the adult Jean Grey was alive and the Shi'ar never tried to pull this shit. Gladiator is an ally to the X-Men, his son even goes to the JEAN GREY School that Wolverine started.

Yeah, aren't Clark and Diana worried about the nuclear fallout?

And seriously, nothing from Transformers this week. Dark Cybertron was off to a slow start but now things are finally gettting interesting.

thomas morrison said...

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