Sunday, March 23, 2014

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 03/19/14

Similar to March Madness, it's Moments of the Week Madness! Taking a look at the week's offerings we have Daredevil start fresh in an old place, Ms. Marvel finds a perfectly cromulent use of her powers, and Superman Unchained decides to show up again, while Zero continues to lead us down the rabbit hole. Always more, so stop looking at your busted bracket and hit the jump.

Avengers World #4

Unlike Ghostbuster 2, this ooze can't be chilled out with happy vibes. Allow Druid to explain what's going on:

These tortured souls are in turn torturing Starbrand over the awakening of his powers, and it turns out they do have a master, only not one in a painting...

It's been a while since we've seen her.

Batman & Robin Aquaman #29

The search for Damian leads Bruce and Arthur to deal with mutated siblings, who can somewhat be controlled by Aquaman. Freaky. But Batman keeps his eyes on the prize:

Batgloves can't fight the laws of physics so Bruce falls off the jet. Good thing he learned the next spot was Paradise Island, which means next month it's time for a team-up with Wonder Woman.

Daredevil #1

Last we saw Matt a whole month ago, he admitted he was Daredevil, and was disbarred along with Foggy in New York. So he heads west with girlfriend Kirsten to start lawyering and superheroing in the only other place he practiced law, and as you can see, he's already thrown into the deep end.

And just like returning to San Francisco, Foggy is dead but not really. It's still the more lighthearted tales Waid and Samnee have been making for the past year, only in a different timezone (and now a four dollar book). 

Ms. Marvel #1

Kamala's new terrigen mist powers are put to weird use as she saves the passive aggressive frenemy from her school, and also tries to sneak back into her house without her parents noticing. No dice.

New Avengers #15

Along with looking through the magic portal device based on time, the braintrust also picks out the common connection of Black Swan to various Earth demises, most notably this one:

So the goth lady who is really distant turns out to be exactly what you would think she is. And they placed her right next to another universe's herald of Galactus. Sometimes the smartest people canbe pretty dumb.

Superman Unchained #6
Ascension blows themselves up, while all the nuclear warheads are activated worldwide. Is there enough time?

So Superman Returns mixes with Superman IV to destroy all the world's nukes. Peace in our time.

And with that inevitable turn, Wraith is now a full fledged Superman villain, and General Lane attacks the Fortress of Solitude. Maybe the story will finish by the time Batman vs. Superman is in theaters.

Uncanny X-Men #19.NOW

You want good MGH, you go straight to the source, yo. Mystique's probably right about her music though.

Wonder Woman #29

The First Born destroyed Olympus and killed Apollo, but before that happened he gave back Hera her powers. Which is good because she was probably getting on everyone's nerves talking about how great Olympus is compared to Earth.

Azzarello's run is coming to an end, which means slowly putting things back the way he found them, or rather started them since the reboot.

X-O Manowar #23

X-O Moon-owar, right? After that little moment of disobedience, Aric heads into space to find out what landed near a chinese space station, a person rockin' half a suit of armor like Aric.

Zero #6
Zero quit, that would make sense given what we saw last issue. But it's another swerve:

Robert, if you can recall from issue #2, was the super smart kid in the class. Turns out he's been moonlighting as Ginsberg Nova, and trying to master that portal from issue #3. He walks through, and that's that. Another layer of the onion is peeled and I still want to know where this is going.

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maybetoby said...

I do believe the last time we saw Morgan Le Fay (besides the alternate timeline created during Age of Ultron) was way back in Dark Avengers.

Glad to see the aftermath of Batman Inc. being addressed.

You left out how Corvus Glaive seems to be reforming around his weapon, meaning his life is somehow connected to it. Which fits with what Proxima Midnight said after he died while retrieving his weapon: "I have it. I have you."

Wraith invades the Batcave at the end of the issue. And the series ends with issue #9 this April which will be long before the Man of Steel sequel comes out on May 6, 2016.

I really hope Orion shows up before this arc of Wonder Woman concludes.

Rocker69 said...

Call me dumb but I couldn't quite understand what happened on this issue of New Avengers.

maybetoby said...

@Rocker69 they were using some mirror that they built to look across the multiverse at other instances when Black Swan was active. And they found out that she's not really on their side. Which is not a surprise to anyone reading this, frankly I think all of them were too busy thinking with their junk to realize she was a threat. Reed was the first chump to fall for her.

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