Sunday, March 30, 2014

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 03/26/14
The final week of March is full of new starts and big revelations for this edition of Moments of the Week. We have Ghost Rider, Silver Surfer, and Iron Patriot all starting up, Transformers concludes Dark Cybertron, Guardians of the Galaxy ends the crossover with All-New X-Men, and Superior Spider-Man finally hits the reset button. Lots more after the jump so let's get started.

All-New Ghost Rider #1

Robbie Reyes, big brother to Gabe, auto mechanic,  and doing what he can to help his disable brother in their rough part of town. So he sneaks back into the shop he works at to borrow the incredibly ominous hotrod to win a street race.

Like in The Fast & The Furious, Robbie gets caught by what he thinks are cops....

Well, that part was different. As the car and Robbie are left to be burned to destroy the evidence, the Ghost Rider part of the book kicks in.

Vengeance is now on four wheels, and if you liked Tradd Moore's issue of Zero, that same anime-like style is here. Only with a lot more fire.

Avengers #27

While Banner talks to Banner, the Evil Avengers square down with their regular counterparts in a pretty condensed version of Forever Evil.

The Avengers really need to work on not getting caught in time freezes, it's their big weakness this past year.

Eternal Warrior #7

Still looking to cure his granddaughter and the group of slaves he rescued, Gilad finds that technology isn't completely gone in this future. Including guns.

 Turns out those were the last two cures, as King makes a case for the two working together.

So in order to help his people and stop this death cult, Gilad has to lead King's shamble of a tech army in a style similar to 300. Only with guns.

Guardians of the Galaxy #13

So Jean's not Phoenix, but Psionix? Whatever her new name's is going to be it's taking the tried and true psychic pink color to a whole new level.

So the X-Men leave together, the Guardians aren't welcome in Shi'ar space anymore, and everyone gets to have happy banter:

What is with these young X-Men always leaving and running away?

Hawkeye #18

Seems Count Nefaria and Madam Masque can make quite a venture out of their Frankenstein experiments on the West Coast, also being such an intimidating presence on Kate's reporter friend Harlold H. Harold he has never been able to leave L.A.

Iron Patriot #1

This issue introduces us to Rhodey's father and sister, Lila, who on a very quick overview feel a bit like John Henry and Natasha Irons from the old DC Universe. Which isn't a bad thing, they were great parts of Superman's supporting cast.

So there's the mission statement of the book in a nice announcement, Iron Man in a more geographically limited scope. And since everything usually happens in New York City anyway, it's really not that much of a stretch, it could even be considered expanding Rhodey's reach.

Manhattan Projects #19

Super blue asteroid chucker destroys nearly all red life on Planet Oppenheimer, leading to the final showdown with Robert and John, dreamworld style:

And hey Robert's back in business, everything's cool again, right? Oh yeah, the cliffhanger from last issue:

A new Mad Max movie is coming soon? How about a Mad Einstein movie?

New Avengers #16.NOW

The Great Society, Justice League analogues who T'Challa has been observing with the team's space/time incursion device, they've beaten back incursions with no loss of life, and even repel the Mapmakers on a frequent basis:

Seeing Norn don the Black Priest helmet and knowing it's also a time device, I wonder if he's just that good of a magician to prevent succumbing to the evil magic or if this is actually the genesis of the Black Priests we saw a few issues back.

Silver Surfer #1

The Surfer is brought to a very Seussical world which needs his help to defeat the Never Queen. He gladly does so because he's the helpful surfer dude, but on Earth a young adult named Dawn is busy helping her father run a B&B:

Turns out she was brought to the Impericon as a bargaining chip.

Superior Spider-Man #30
Marrying into the Osborn clan and running Oscorp, it's only a matter of time for Liz togo off the deep end herself. But the moment that was inevitable since Amazing Spider-Man #700 arrives:

So it seems because of that loop when Ock fully switched over and held Peter's memories he's able to get them back, and returns to haunt Ock in spectral form, until Ock finally realizes he can't stop all the chaos in the city because he's just not that good of a hero:

So you don't have to wait for Amazing Spider-Man #1, this is the issue Peter returns to his head.

Transformers: Dark Cybertron Finale #1

It took about what, four million years and the death of Bumblebee, but Megatron is now an Autobot, making those dreams you had playing with your Transformer toys as a kid now a reality!

Uncanny Avengers #18.NOW

We saw the Earth blow up under Celestial boot last issue, and since then the mutants and a few humans survived and flourished. But years later Alex and his wife Jan have been working with Beast to time travel back and change history. Always with the time travel.

Jan did have a brief relationship with Magneto in Secret Wars, so there's some wayback trivia Remender dropped on us. Alex destroys the tachyon dam but Jan is captured.

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Jarmir said...

I really hate Marvel and their Time Travel deux ex machina... blow up the earth? Time Travel and prevent it! Someone important dies? Time travel and dont let it happen!... geez what a lazy story telling plot device. I really wanted to like the Avengers books but it really hard with this time travel stuff.. glad Avenger World is not doing it.

and I{m glad most of the book Im reading dont reference whatever happens in the Avengers one.. I get to enjoy my Marvel universe my way :)

Deebo305 said...

Well clearly ignoring New Avengers was a mistake, that look awesome. Gonna jump on it.

On Iron Patriot, I loved Rhodey during Dark Reign, his book was phenomenial but I'll wait and see for this

maybetoby said...

Yeah, the Avengers do need a defense against being frozen in time.

Again, Gladiator is acting like a little bitch. All the times Jean was alive and he never pulled this shit. Or how about when he fought alongside Rachel Grey to bring down Vulcan. Or when he fought alongside the Guardians against the Cancerverse. Yeah, continuity doesn't matter when you wanna write a characters as a whiny lil bitch.

While I find Megatron's change of heart ridiculous and completely out of nowhere, he will be appearing in More Than Meets The Eye as a regular cast member. And Roberts is clearly the superior writer between the two books, so I'm excited to see what he does with the character.

Hasn't Marvel realized they are literally destroying their own universe with all of this time travel?

The War Machine comic during Dark Reign was excellent. Which is why it cracks me up when creators for this book compared Rhodey to Superman. Really, go back and reread those Dark Reign issues and tell me again how he's like Superman lol. Rhodey had no problems killing the bad guys that deserved it in that run, which is why I loved it.

Really loved Aquaman, again some dumbass is like "let's open this portal that Aquaman would never open cuz he's selfish" and what happens, he lets out all kinds of unspeakable evil. Man scientists are dumb.

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