Sunday, April 6, 2014

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 04/02/14
April. A time usually reserved for  getting books in line for the summer events. But, this week at least, it seems to be about relaunches. Moments of the Week takes a look at the delayed Inhuman series, Aquaman & the Others, and Ultimate Spider-Man ends/begins a new Ultimate chapter. As always, more after the jump.

Aquaman & The Others #1

Something's messing with all the Atlantean treasures each member of The Others possesses, and on top of being attacked by mysterious mercenaries it means a time for a confab. Of course nothing good comes from meetings like that.

Black Science #5

Another version of their father? I wonder if there mom is also around.....

So now on top of trying to get home everyone has to worry about another universe trying to fix what they're doing. This is why dimension hopping is as bad as time travel.

Black Widow #5

At least the Hammer of God wasn't wearing a cape. Turns out his attempt to take down a plane was for one man.

Inhuman #1

That friendly guy is Lash, an Inhuman from Orollan who believes not every Inhuman is worthy of their gifts, such as that poor Norwegian dude who got hit with the terrigen mists. He then heads over to Chicago to find a man named Dante also in a cocoon, along with his disabled mother.

The series seems to draw influence from Game of Thrones in terms of different Inhuman houses, and it shows.

Moon Knight #2

After a pretty incredibly designed opening pages showing a sniper taking out his targets, Moon Knight looks to take him in. Declan Shalvey is really going to town on the look of this book, last issue was a classy Moon Knight, here is a much more superhero costume:

New Warriors #3

Sam and Kaine are like the modern version of Wolverine and Cyclops, look how much they like one another.

Would Nova like it if people just called him Iron Man all the time?

Quantum & Woody #9

Eric's had enough of Woody's antics, threatening to keep him out of their father's will unless he can go one whole day acting like a genuine adult. You can see where this is going to go....

She-Hulk #3
Turns out Kristoff has been in America so long he only has one day to file his asylum papers. But it's all good, Latveria isn't known for causing a problem in other countries.

The joys of diplomatic immunity.

Ultimate Spider-Man #200
Poor Bobby. Everyone connected to the Spider-family is heading over to Aunt May's home to celebrate Peter's life, and Genke even made Gwen something out of Legos.

Everything is awesome for Genke.

There's quite a few interpretations about what Peter would have been up to were he still alive, but in the end everyone hugs and goes their separate ways, with a familiar looking person watching the dispersal in the foreground, surely to be picked up on in Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #1.

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Anonymous said...

Ultimate Spider-man #200 looks to be a good read. Surprised we haven't got a What If on if Pete lived but this covers that and man leave it to Bobby to need a head smack. New Warriors is looking fun.

maybetoby said...

Love that Aquaman is getting another monthly title.

Also glad that Kaine's story is continuing with New Warriors.

I was wondering what the deal was with all those different two-page spreads in Ultimate Spider-Man. Each was a possible scenario for what Peter would've been up to by now. Interesting.

Deadpool vs Carnage was also fun this week. Love Magneto's new ongoing. And Detective Comics starts it's new creative team with beautiful artwork by Francis Manapul.

BetoGonza said...

Black Science is great, I really didnt see that coming. I was more thinking it was some sort of Secret dimension police.

Opening pages of Moon Knight was badass. Love how they use his cape to some what form the panel bleed with the white very beautiful stuff there.

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