Sunday, April 20, 2014

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 04/16/14
Happy Easter! Things were a bit hectic last week but fear not, I've carried over all of last week's Moments of the Week into this week, to make a super sized chocolate coated edition! We've got new releases everywhere, from Hulk to Ultimate FF to Nightcrawler to Iron Fist, Superior Spider-Man ends just in time for Peter to sync with the movie, and a big change occurs to Gotham during Zero Year. So eat a chocolate bunny, polish it off with some marshmallow ducks, and hit the jump to check out all these moments before the diabetic shock kicks in.

All-New Ghost Rider #2

A bag of the same drugs Zabo uses to transform was missing from the trunk of the car, stolen by some local gangbangers. Too bad Robbie is dead....

Robbie is just as confused as everyone else, leading him to check out the car, still sitting in the garage as if nothing happened:

They're the best of friends, that's what!

All-New X-Men #25

An anniversary issue that showcases multiple artists and different worlds, good and bad, that no longer exist thanks to Hank, we get a visit from The Watcher, just in time for his death to pop up in Original Sin.

Amazing X-Men #6

Kurt and Azazel are back on Earth, Kurt giving up his soul to do so. And then his parents get involved like they always do and ruin things.

Batman #30

So basically, before superheroes, there was the DCnU version of No Man's Land, which feels more like the isolated Gotham scenarios from the videogames and movies.

The only one trying to save the city for the past few months while Bruce was incapacitated was Gordon, but it looks like his former enemy turned ally let himself be known:

Batman & Wonder Woman #30

Ra's is trying to awaken what he thinks is one of the last Lazarus Pits, but it's not what he thinks:

Diana takes out mythical creatures like a boss, but Ra's escapes with Damian and Talia. Next team-up: Frankenstein.

Captain Marvel #2

Carol gets an assist from the Guardians of the Galaxy, but realizes her cat might cause more problems for her:

It probably is an alien cat. Maybe all cats are aliens...

East of West #11

A mostly talking head issue that showcases how to build tension because something big is coming, we see the different nations meet, and finally come across the heads of the Endless Nation. Basically, something big is going down next issue.

Headspace #2

We see that this crazy world might have some kind of purpose, or maybe this is all a lie. Or this could all be like the ending to Newhart!

Hulk #1
Aaron Carpenter is taken to a secure location to operate on Banner, shot twice in the back of his head. Thing is, Carpenter was a fellow classmate of Bruce in college, someone he kind of picked on for breaking the curve. Awkward.

Hulk escapes, and two weeks later SHIELD tracks him down. With a catch, of course:

Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #1

Kaare Andrews writes and draws this new mini, showing Danny still having vivid flashbacks to his past, interspersed with his current day attempts to try and act normal. Until ninjas show up, of course.

Justice League #29

The Metal Men return to help out a guy who is mostly metal take down his Crime Syndicate counterpart, Grid.

While the Metal men fight in the street, Grid and Vic fight in their minds like psychics:

Manifest Destiny #6

Aw man, bad enough being infected by the zombie plant, but in that way? That's tough.

While Lewis is given dreams of pleasure and happiness, Clark experiences nightmares of death and pain. It doesn't last long though.

Ms. Marvel #3
Looks like Bruno is working on something that might be beneficial to Kamala's new powers. And just as she goes to talk about him ratting her out to her parents, there's a "robbery"

Uh oh.

Nightcrawler #1

Claremont and the always underrated Nauck team up to give us Kurt already on his way to swashbuckling adventures, only this time with the help of his little Bamfs. This isn't the exposition heavy Claremont but a more streamlined version while still calling back on so many old stories. And it's just fun.

Superior Spider-Man #31

When a little kid has a crazy laugh, don't ignore it. Ever. Cue the big fight between Spidey and the Goblin, with a reveal to who the bad guy really is:

Poor Otto, and poor Anna Maria. At the end of the day, the Osborns are as crazy as.....the Osbornes, Jameson has quit as mayor, Miguel is still here in the past, Spidey is still an Avenger, Carlie has headed south, Parker Industries is still around, and MJ has kind of moved on. The deck is cleared for Amazing Spider-Man.

Superman/Wonder Woman #7

Clark gets enough sunlight to help get Diana some healing help while he returns to the Fortress of Solitude:

All this happens, and then Forever Evil takes place, so they didn't have time to talk about it, until now:

Ultimate FF #1

Everyone thinks it's Reed, but it's not. It's someone just as crazy.

Uncanny X-Men #20

There is precedent for heads of acronym-based organizations to date X-Men, who knows. Which leads nicely into Scott talking to Hank about whether he is alerting this Sentinel-heavy enemy to attack his team. 

Whatever's happening, it doesn't look good for Cyclops.

Wonder Woman #30

With Hippolyta still unable to return to normal, Diana is not only God of War but Queen of the Amazons. And she starts to make some much needed changes:

That is just excellent imagery there.

X-O Manowar #24

This quasi-armor person is known as Malgam, and is quite scared of Aric's armor now. Malgam is taken to the MERO outpost and is then fascinated by something we take for granted:

Think about that next time you turn the water on, endless and endless water.

Another armor bearer is killed, and we find out this group is on the hunt across the galaxy to contain the "outbreaks." Just in time for the anniversary issue next month.

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Jarmir said...

So Banner is now dumb.. wonder if Hulk will now be smart? Nice twist.. Waid is doing a great job in the Hulk book.

Wasnt Ultimate Doom dead? Was realyl graphic how Thing pummeled his face to a pulp in Ultimatum

I really like the new Nightcrawler adventures but... why is he portrai as having a fling with Storm in the X-Men book and in his solo one looking for love with an old flame? Writters should really align in this sort of thing unless they are making him extra horny for being dead so long..

maybetoby said...

Hank McCoy is the biggest threat to the Marvel Universe.

Never trusted lil Normie. And after checking previous issues of Superior, you see that "Mason Banks" was present in just about every seen featuring Liz and Normie. So he really had been hiding in plain sight all along. What I don't get is how he recovered from having his face melted when he was an adaptoid? I really hope Parker Industries sticks around.

So Ultimate Doctor Doom is back, complete with goat-legs? So does this mean the one we saw with normal legs that ended up in the Marvel Zombies universe, and then was killed by Thing at the end of Ultimatum, was not the real deal?

I really don't understand how Scott's powers are broken and that he lost control. Did he ever have control of his powers? That's the point of his visor, so anytime he uses his powers the visor keeps them in check. All this nonsense of them turning on by themselves is just feels like Bendis doesn't understand the character or his powers.

No love for Transformers: Windblade?

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