Sunday, April 27, 2014

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 04/23/14
April ends, but that just means the yearly event comic is around the corner, and Moments of the Week is here to keep you informed! Original Sin and Justice League United debut their zero issues, Elektra debuts with some excellent art, and Zero makes his inevitable turn. Much more after the jump including double Einsteins, so let's begin, shall we?

Daredevil #2

Daredevil isn't the only new hero in town, and The Shroud uses the lives of four gang members he's been holding captive to get Daredevil to play along. Looks like Matt found his new Punisher, right?

Nice twist, although there was already someone with a mystic hood who tried to run a crime empire a while back. Maybe the West Coast is more welcoming.

Elektra #1

Violence as an artform. And a way to get the reader caught up on Elektra's life. Mike Del Mundo just knocks it out of the park here, as Elektra just wants to go back to being a good old fashioned assassin. 

While Elektra plans to go after this legendary assassin, another is also on the hunt for him. One who has a very different way of getting information.

Eternal Warrior #8
Gilad upholds his end of the bargain. But when the deal's done, he goes complete luddite.

His people cured, Gilad's granddaughter has acted differently since seeing the world, and he knows what's coming:

Seeing nothing but death and destruction for millenia can make something as innocuous as creating a small robot seem as though the world is over. Nice touch.

Fantastic Four #3
Johnny pulls the Thing card on Reed, knowing the smartest guy it eh world might not get around to fixing him when he can't cure Ben, so hello singing career. Meanwhile, the FF vacations under the sea:

Valeria Richards, the littlest benevolent dictator, this could actually have a real nice potential for a subplot. And could also be the bridge between Disney Princesses and the Marvel Universe.

Guardians of the Galaxy #14
Gamora, captured.

Drax, captured. And Venom shows up too, as the Avengers envoy for the team. Also captured, Peter and Rocket, by who else...

Looks like Carol is returning the favor from her own series.

Justice League United #0

No longer the long-distance relationship of the past, Adam Strange and Alanna are actually professor and teacher's assistant, who discover some aliens in Canada. Meanwhile the First Nation sees their own encounters with the weird and wild of superheroics:

 We'll see Miiyahbin later in the series.

So in a way this mostly the JLA lineup, give or take a few.

Manhattan Projects #20

Albert Einstein spent years trying to find his way back home, but in every crazy world it was Oppenheimer who was the king of crazy. Which explains why he shot him first thing upon arriving. Now about that other Einstein....


Original Sin #0

Setting up just why someone would shoot Uatu, this zero issue shows why The Watcher watches, because when they try to uplift they just hurt.

Daddy issues, magnified by infinity. So I guess a good bet for who shot Uatu would be another Watcher.

Uncanny Avengers #19

Sometimes villains are only bad because the hero can't make up his mind and they have to do it for them. But before any plan can be put into place about mind shunting and tachyon bypassing, people who like this new utopia look to put a stop to Kang and the gang.

There's something meta here, there has to be, with Cyclops now being on the good side and Alex working with villains.

Zero #7

Like that little yakuza member who fought Fat Tony's gang in The Simpsons, we've all been waiting for Zero to finally go rogue, and he does so in a completely emotionless way, just like he's been trained to. 

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maybetoby said...

"There's something meta here, there has to be, with Cyclops now being on the good side and Alex working with villains."

But Cyclops isn't currently working with villains...?

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