Sunday, May 4, 2014

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 04/30/14
It's May, school is at an end for some, and Amazing Spider-Man 2 kicks off the summer movie season. Let's see if Moments of the Week can follow suit. We've got the Amazing Spider-Man relaunch, Wally West finally appears in The Flash, the Dream Police no longer invade our stereos but also our comics, and Avengers shows us a brainiac showdown. Always more, like Atomic Robo pulling a Doc Brown, and always after the jump, so let's web swing away! 

All-New X-Men #26

It's nice that Scott and Jean aren't angry at each other anymore. Or at least one Scott is. Because young Cyclops left to travel the stars X-23 was planning to leave the team, but she was attacked right outside the school. Uh oh....

Amazing Spider-Man #1
Being "dead" for so long, Peter has some jokes he needs to get out of his system.

Jameson is still Jameson.

What does a ridiculed naked hero do? Change clothes at his apartment. But another change in Peter's life thanks to Ock has yet to fix itself...

Atomic Robo: Knights of the Golden Circle #1

Stemming from the events of the last series, Robo finds himself in 1884 Colorado, standing alongside famed gunslinger Doc Holliday, and doing his best to not screw up the timeline. But saving a man's life throws it all out the window. Or it doesn't, because people aren't scared of seeing a robot in the old west, because it seems to be an older Robo. Oh time travel, you drive me crazy.

Avengers #28

Turns out the Hulk that caused some damage in the last fight was actually Bruce, who snuck into AIM island to cause some damage but also found out about the multiverse dying. And now he realizes what Tony's been keeping secret for so long. So after using his mulitverse double to pretend the Hulk is off the Avengers team, what's next for Bruce?

I really like how Lockjaw is also pretty much an official Illuminati now. And why not? He has his own superhero team, you know.

Avengers World #5
You might have thought Eden not just popping in with the team to solve all the problems was a plot hole, but the book addresses that as Manifold's powers have been messed up since Infinity. Meditating he finds himself speaking to Captain Universe as he tries to understand what went wrong.

Poor Bruce, it's just not a good week for him, as you'll see below.

Dream Police #1

When you dream, there's a whole bunch of stuff to keep you in check, and that's where the Dream Police come in. From dealing with dreams that slip off schedule to Lucid Dreamers who realize the power they have, even the Nightmares who act so proper for being so evil, this is very, very much in the vein of Astro City, and feels like a return to form for J. Michael Straczynski and his comic work.

Hulk #2

Bruce was shot in the head, and is now a simple man, but he still has anger issues. SHIELD's response is to fill the town he landed in with a bunch of undercover agents to make sure he's protected, his "family" are just such agents. But when a cloned Abomination finds where he is Maria Hill makes the Huk return:

New Avengers #17

Seems like the good guys can't catch a break. But as Namor and T'Challa patch things up as they stare at all the death and destruction from their multiverse window, it looks like someone good is going to fall in the coming issues:

It seems like this might be the time our heroes have to actually do something they've been lucky enough to avoid for the past few months....

Silver Surfer #2

A heart to power the Dr. Seuss world Surfer is set to defend, this seems odd....

Who knew the evil looking alien who kidnapped people's most loved companions was actually the bad guy in this whole situation? I'm shocked!

The Flash Annual #3

Say hello to the new Wally West, a little different from the old one, and definitely meets Barry in a less than ideal situation. But this won't be the last we see of Wally, probably. Time jump!

Barry's idea is to, what else, go back in time and stop his younger self, in what seems to be a more permanent manner.

Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #28

Megatron with an Autobot insignia is weird. Terminus is someone who the Decepticon leader seemingly erased from all future transcripts before his rebellion, so it's someone he doesn't want the world to know about.

We see just the beginning of Megatron's trial as he stands accused for all his actions up to this point, and then six months later....

Yeahbuwha? Megatron's Captain of the Lost Light? That doesn't seem like a punishment at all.

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Anonymous said...

Both current Transformers series don't get the credit they deserve. Superb storytelling.

Deebo305 said...

Wow for a second I actually thought no one would badmouth Scott after such a great scene then Kitty shows up and opens her big mouth lol

Kinda forgot about those Evil X-Men or Future Brotherhood I guess, Seriously though, why hasn't Hank been made accountable by now

Lastly, hope X-23 stays on, always like seeing her around

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