Sunday, May 11, 2014

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 05/07/14
Happy Mother's Day! Enjoy a respite from the cards and brunches with another edition of Moments of the Week. Today we'll look at Original Sin, an Eagles song comes true in Archer & Armstrong, while Cyclops travels the stars with his pappy and a big reveal appears in the newest Ultimate Spider-Man series. So hit the jump to find all that and more

Archer & Armstrong #20

Archer is looking for his mother, who is residing in the headquarters of Retrology, which seems to be based off Scientology. Only in this instance Jim Morrison seems to be running the show. Wait, what?

Some mind messing and Archer and Armstrong find themselves on one of these floors with other people who we all thought were long gone.

Who knew this was a nonfiction story? Oh wait I've written too much-

Batman/Superman #10

Up Batman's nose with a white dwarf hose.

So Ray borrows a little inspiration from his evil counterpart of the Syndicate, and they even work in him carrying a sword around like his previous title.

Black Widow #6

The Hammer of God survived being sucked into a jet turbine only to drown. Probably. Meanwhile his boss while finally captured and things don't go well:

Natasha now has to deal with everyone in SHIELD being a double agent, but that's nothing new these days. Kind of like her fellow Avenger getting into trouble while she tries to eat breakfast:

That's a good enough explanation for why, sometimes, all the superhero activity never calls out the other heroes.

Cyclops #1

The ship is confiscated, but it's still operational, and good enough for a crew of two. Corsair decides it would be a good time to bond:

The space stuff is just a backdrop for a story that seems like a very personal one for Rucka, and the art is very clean and nice. So if you want a story that's more father and son than mutant and Starjammer, this looks like it's your best bet.

Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #2

While Ku'n Lun deals with the invaders and betrayal by Davos, Danny is trying to get back, and runs into the same robot ninjas he fought in New York:

Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #1

Before Miles can tell Kate about hsi identity, and further cementing their "meant to be" comic relationship that MJ speaks of, he heads back to his old apartment, to see if his dad has returned since Galactus, like he does every day. But he finds someone else:

Could be another clone, could be the real deal piggybacking off of Age of Ultron as well. Or it's a skrull.

Moon Knight #3
All Moon Knight wants to do is clean up the streets, but ghosts are cheaters, giving punches but not taking them. Good thing insanity has its upsides:

That's how you clean up the streets.

New Warriors #4

The High Evolutionary activates his machine, causing everyone but the human Sun Girl to double over. Time for the moment where he thinks he can win her over to his side:

The High Evolutionary along with the Evolutionaries escape to lick their wounds, but we see everyone happy about this newly formed team. Kinda.

Original Sin #1

The Watcher is dead, and his eyes were taken. It's a murder mystery that calls up Fury from retirement, and teams of heroes around the world (and galaxy) head out to find the culprit. Turns out it might have been a Mindless One who is currently rampaging in New York:

It's kind of a mixed bag, as the mystery of The Watcher's death and rather dark tone and art is kind of offset by the almost action figure, cartoon-like way the teams are put together, each with their own special ship or battle armor or what have you. I don't know how to describe it really. 

She-Hulk #4

This series I can describe. It's wacky but uses something as silly as a Mecha-Doom the right way. Jen should become like Dr. Phil and bring families together. And hey, that would be two Dr. Banners, right?

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Amit jaiswat said...

I think this Peter Parker maybe Ultimate Camelion rather than the real Ultimate Peter Parker as he cannot return like in Amazing Spiderman

maybetoby said...

I bet they still won't explain how Corsair is alive. And yes I agree, probably Ultimate Chameleon imitating Peter.

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