Sunday, May 18, 2014

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 05/14/14
It's time for another edition of Moments of the Week, filled with revelations, confrontations, incantations and declarations. So let's hit the jump to see what happened in All-New X-Men, Avengers, Justice League United, the new Superman event, "Doomed," and more!

All-New Ghost Rider #3

Eli the car and Robbie Reyes, partners in vengeance. Zabo's men meanwhile attempt to retrieve those red pills that were in the back of Eli, and the gangbangers boss uses them to his own advantage:

All-New X-Men #27

This is a pretty big reveal. Xavier Jr. is the child of Charles and Mystique, which seems to have occurred off panel somewhere between Xavier being back on his feet and dying. But wait, didn't Mystique shoot Xavier in the head during Messiah Complex? This doesn't seem to be some future time thing, the child's birth seems to now be a real event in time. I don't know anymore.

At least Emma didn't punch her unconscious in diamond form.

Avengers #29

Steve remembers what Tony and the others did, and continue to do. And after Cap punches his ally it seems to be a man and his machines against the other Avengers:

Cue the fighting. But something else happens:

It seems when the time gem disappeared way back in New Avengers #2, it was also destroyed, but simply using its namesake to break in the future, during this fight.

Captain Marvel #3

The babysitting and temper tantrums are only for a little bit longer as Carol looks to act as a galactic ambassador:

Say what you will about Carol being one of the top Avengers or not, but she is clearly better than Spider-Woman, right?

Justice League United #1
Here comes a big time player!

....maybe not.

Why is it always the hands and arms at DC that are the first to go?

The monster the JLU is fighting seems to be based on the first monster the Justice League fought so many years ago. They were even fighting it in a Happy Harbor-esque town in Canada.

New Avengers #18

An issue for everyone to reflect on what is coming down the pike as the Illuminati face off against genuine good guys, the next issue might finally make them pull the trigger they don't want to use.

Quantum & Woody #10
Eric was hired to provide security at the Smithsonian. Woody got together with his old crime pals to steal something from the Smithsonian. Hijinks ensue:

Stabbing your brother in the back is one thing, but to leave him sitting in a voodoo pile of one of the robbers? Come on, bro.

Superman: Doomed #1

Doomsday's on a rampage around the world, killing everything in his radius and sucking in their life, in what seems to be an attempt to evolve to something worse. Superman finally takes him head on in a battle that goes from space to Smallville:

Superman "kills" Doomsday, but inhales all that death spore stuff that causes the monster to suck the life out of anything nearby.

Superman/Wonder Woman #8

Inhaling all those Doomsday spores has made Clark darker, more cynical. It's like Tobey Maguire wearing the black suit in Spider-Man 3.

And the power of love pulls through yet again, although Diana has said she loves everyone. She's very tricky about her feelings

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Eric Thomas said...

It is much easier than read and you presentation really awesome for a reader. Thanks for posting!

everyday music said...

moments of the week is something i look forward to every week! thanks for all the effort!

maybetoby said...

So Xavier banged Mystique while she was still their enemy. And she gave birth as Xavier died during AVX. Weird.

So Steve and Tony are in another fight. And no f***s were given that day.

I'm hopeful about Justice League United. JLA was kind of a letdown, it only served as a prelude to Trinity War, and then a tie-in to Forever Evil. It didn't stand on its own. Hopefully this title will.

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