Sunday, May 25, 2014

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 05/21/14
Welcome to another edition of Moments of the Week of Future Past. Today sees Forever Evil finally wrap up, Saga returns to provide even more absurdity across the stars, Original Sin reveals the man behind The Watcher's death, and Spider-Man really needs to pee. You read that right. Hit the jump to see those moments and more.  

Amazing Spider-Man #2

If this more rational response from Anna Maria about everything that happened to Peter sticks, she needs to stay around more. It's just a nice change from outrage and grandstanding and melodrama.

He checks out again, thanks to the cookies.

Maybe this is Ock somehow sticking with him the way Peter did at the beginning of Superior Spider-Man.

Daredevil #3

Foggy is getting cabin fever, as the only people who know he's alive are Matt, Hank Pym, his oncologist, and Kirsten.

You can guess what happens next.

East of West #12

This gathering of nations originally was for the People's Republic to demand war against the Union, but detente is voted upon. Then two ambassadors are killed. Confusion is abound:

The slow build up finally has the other shoe drop this issue. Looks like the end of the world is coming soon.

Elektra #2

This art is unbelievably good. And I guess Scalphunter's current body is bye bye.

Contracts can never be simple, as Elektra now helps Crow's son find his father to save his life. I don't really care what happens in the story I just want to see more of this art.

Forever Evil #7
While Batman and the other heroes look to free the Justice League from Firestorm, the villains try and stop Alexander Luthor, who is actually the father of Superwoman's child. Only the strongest, after all.

Luthor kills Luthor, but Bizarro also dies trying to help his "father." This seems to spark something in Luthor as the heroes return and Ultraman is on the ropes.

As it stands, the villains who stood up to the CSA have their records cleaned, Luthor has found a reason to be a hero since the public sees him as one, and the monster that destroyed the CSA's world was actually the Anti-Monitor. Oh, and Ted Kord showed up too as a teenager who Lex might mentor, along with another revelation that we'll see in the pages below.

Justice League #30

Superman still stops Luthor from joining, though Shazam is on deck for the league. Luthor learned something during Forever Evil that he's going to push so he can join the League:

He just kind of skipped right over Superman. Guess he knows who the top dog is in all of DC Entertainment at the moment.

Original Sin #2

More dead creatures are around, each killed with what appear to be Gamma bullets. As Mindless Ones continue to run through Manhattan as their intelligence increases, the heroes get a lead on who is controlling them. It's not who you'd expect:

This really feels like a bunch of action figures being put together to tell a story. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing yet.

Saga #19

We have a little bit of a time jump, as Marko is the stay at home dad while Alana works in a Superhero Soap Opera.

Well, that's a real bummer.

Uncanny X-Men #21

Mystique, playing Dazzler, arrives at the Jean Grey School to apprehend Cyclops and Magik, whose powers are both acting out of whack. Before she can take them, Hill shows up too:

Whoever the person is who has been attacking the Uncanny team makes the Helicarrier fire on the school to create even more chaos, but it seems Beast knows who is causing this. Unfortunately the reveal isn't in this issue.

Velvet #5

A flashback to Velvet's past. 1956, she is on her "honeymoon" with Agent Mockingbird, and follows him to a rendezvous that night. She believes he was the mole.

That's going to mess you up quite a bit, realizing the fight only occurred because he thought Velvet was the mole. Communication is key, even for spy couples. This is really one of Brubaker's best works so far, it's just a refreshing story.

Wonder Woman #31

Paradise Island might be on the right track now, as long as the Amazons don't push their newcomers off the cliffs. I smell a sitcom just around the corner!

X-O Manowar #25

It seems like these Hunters are trying to stop the armors from laying waste to planets like this current one. Surely they can't be that bad, right?

If you look like a bad guy, I guess you are a bad guy.

Zero #8

Zizek set up Cooke's assassination, but Zero was able to get back to stop his plan from working. Cooke's no slouch herself, and takes care of the others until Zero arrives.

Saving his boss' life should go a long way to not sticking around for two more weeks. I'm still really interested in wondering when this goes all crazy with the aliens or whatever we saw a few issues back.

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Carlos Pérez said...

It seems aliens count Pluto as a planet...not a planetoid :)

Sailornapper said...

Had a good laugh with Amazing Spidey #2. Agree Anna Maria should stay around. Awaiting upcoming issues there and await July for Spidey 2099

Deebo305 said...

The Parker luck the gonna be the death of Peter but atleast he has one sensible woman kinda...for now

Haven't been bothering with Original Sin but so far I'm unimpressed, been catching up on Forever Evil but Luthor rubbing it in Supes face lol

Anonymous said...

Is Anna Maria a little person (midget? whatever is the PC term)? Or do they just draw her looking like a child? It is sort of creepy.

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