Sunday, June 1, 2014

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 05/28/14
It's time for Moments of the Week! This week we see see future heroes in Avengers, past escapades of Batman, and time being erased in Uncanny Avengers. There's more after the jump that doesn't involve time, like Ms. Marvel's costumed debut and Nightwing running into an old acquaintance, so hit the jump to check out more.  

Avengers #30

Fifty years in the future thanks to the shattered time gem, and the planet's still around. Point for Tony.

And I guess a point for Steve, as whatever Tony did the first time around in this jump people were lost because of whatever plan Iron Man had. Time travel is such a pain. At least we know where the bruises Tony got in New Avengers #18 came from, as everyone else now jumps four hundred years into the future, which is much more ominous.

Batman #31

Riddler's a sore loser. In the pit it's not jackals, but lions. It's all part of an attempt to pinpoint where Nigma is controlling the city and power from, so let the fight commence!

Move over sharks, Batman's moved up to lions. The bat-shield is a pretty neat thing, I wonder if it's ever made an appearance before. It has to have, right?

Guardians of the Galaxy #15

Rocket to the Kree, Gamora to the Badoon, Venom to the Skrulls, and Groot to the Brood. Things aren't going so well for Quill's team.

Despite the cover and last issue's page, Captain Marvel doesn't show up this issue. So either next issue she swoops in to save Quill from his escape leap or runs into another Guardian while space chillin'.

Inhuman #2
The Inhumans are residing along shipping lanes outside of Manhattan, which brings Medusa into contact with Cap and SHIELD. And then AIM is busy trying to recover crashed Inhuman tech in Central Park. I smell a team-up!

The idea of pushing the Inhumans more as a mutant-like property that Marvel still has film rights over is even more apparent here, as Medusa sounds almost verbtaim to Cyclops back when Utopia was formed.

Ms. Marvel #4

I guess cops would be like this when it comes to false alarms and superheroes. Though this does reveal a need for a costume. Time to rummage!

The fanny pack is the ultimate endgame of the superhero belt with pouches.

Nightwing #30

That is not how a family is supposed to operate! Bruce is concerned that Spyral is looking to find information on existing caped superheroes, and wants to use Dick's perceived death in the hero world to be a spy for him. After a rather lengthy fight between the two, they reach an agreement.

It seems that Spyral agent is Helena Bertenelli, who was formerly Huntress in the old universe.

Uncanny Avengers #20

Loyalty falls down the familiar paths, and the other former unity members are rescued and ready to have their minds transport back in time:

 I guess if anyone can make time puns, it's Kang.

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Álvaro said...

ENOUGH of time-travelling shit.

Álvaro said...

Time-travelling is the laziest possible way out of a boring story for a writer. Stupid fireworks that mess up the whole continuity. Avengers Forever was kind of clever BUT STOP IT.

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Álvaro said...


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