Sunday, June 8, 2014

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 06/04/14
It's vacation time, but don't forget to pack your Moments of the Week with you! On the docket for today's edition we see another reveal in the Marvel event Original Sin, Iron Fist has had enough with, well, everything, and the Dream Police tell us all about what goes into keeping you dreaming. We also have team mascots in New Warriors and the newest team of heroes in Avengers World, so hit the jump to see all this and lots more! 

Amazing X-Men #8

Is this...common practice at meat plants? It's clear this is foreshadowing, but in the meantime lets see how Colossus reacts to Nightcrawler being alive again:

Wolverine went up  North to hang out with his old Alpha Flight friends, but it seems that tainted meat had something more to it...

Aquaman & the Others #3

Cue the fighting, and the reveal of the man on the hunt for Arthur's precious weapons:

Hand gets bitten off by piranhas, gets stabbed by his own weapon, the guy has terrible luck.

Avengers World #7

SPEAR floats above Madripoor in something called The City, and SHIELD doesn't even know about them. They really are the worst spy agency, aren't they? But the big reveal to the Falcon is their own state sponsored superhero team:

The Great Ten, Marvel-ized. I always like other foreign teams of heroes.

Black Widow #7

San Francisco's cruel to Natasha, as even her old flame has trouble knowing what's going on in her head. Still love that Art.

Cyclops #2
During his travels with his son, Corsair has secretly been taking injections of a certain serum, and needs a refill. Of course landing on a planet for something as simple as that never is:

Time to pop that collar, you earned it.

Dream Police #2

We learn more about the people and things that keep the Dreamscape running, and see what happens when someone who is "augmented" on other substances and out of control forces the Dream Police to have bigger fish called in to help:

I think that supervisor is in tribute to Jack Kirby? Seems fitting.

Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #3

What the, this series is really tearing Danny down. Flashback!

That's the worst kind of catharsis. This is going so far in tearing down the Iron Fist world I wonder if it's going to all be reset by the end.

Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #2

Perfectly understandable response.

Moon Knight #4

People going crazy during sleep experiments, all originating from one place, fight crazy with crazy, yeah?

That's just messed up.

New Warriors #5
The New New Warriors bicker and banter while clearing out Wundagore Mountain, but it seems not everyone of the High Evolutionary's creations were killed:

Waffles and Whiskers! Let them join the Pet Avengers!

Original Sin #3
Orb unleashes a wave of truth from The Watcher's eye, causing others to see secrets. Meanwhile, Bucky, Gamora, and Moon Knight find a dead living planet out in space, killed by the same gamma irradiated bullets that killed so many others:

Bucky snapping makes sense if this isn't another swerve from the real mastermind, but that's clearly an LMD of Fury, which always seems to be the case, doesn't it.

Quantum & Woody #11

Woody blows it, and also gets captured. But it's not like it seems, maybe. You can never tell with this book, which is one of the good things about it.

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