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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 06/11/14
Happy Father's Day and welcome to yet another edition of Moments of the Week! Turn your head away from World Cup matches to check out the New Avengers talking to the Justice League, Hulk harness the power of Cap's shield, Manifest Destiny's return to let us know the real history of America, and Headspace lets us know what exactly is going on. Kinda. Always more after the jump, so let's begin.

All-New X-Men #28
Kind of a a cheap move, but Xavier jr. has been using his powers to make his Brotherhood do his bidding. Princess Powerful could break bad all by herself, think of the possibilities!

Once you break time travel open, might as well abuse it and learn how to work it in your favor. A little bit like Edge of Tomorrow (which you all should see if you haven't, it's quite good). But Jean, as always seems to be the case, has a trick up her sleeve.

Archer & Armstrong #21

A little reminiscent of how Fables regards the characters, the more popular they are the more immortal they can be. Only it gets a lot weirder when we see other historical people:

There's actually a lot of different Oswald's out there, claiming they did what they did for a lot of different reasons. It ties into our heroes like so:

So there you go, we know who to blame for letting a person's 15 minutes seemingly last forever.

Headspace #3

Max needs to be guided, for a reason we don't quite know yet. But instead of it being dangerous off the small island, it's actually a way to get back tot he real world.

.....or is it? Dun dun dunnnn.

Hulk #4

Every other hero has used Cap's shield in some iconic manner, even Superman, so now add the Hulk to that list. Tony takes Banner to Troy where his own people look to fix his brain, using Extremis. That's not ominous at all, yeah?

It seems to fix Banner at the issue's end, but also shows why Hulk seems to be smart in New Avengers (below) and why he was so upset with Stark in Original Sin #3.

Justice League United #2

Before Kara can really help out the monster is subdued by Rannian tech. It seems Sardath, Rann's leader, in order to broker peace in the Polaris system (home to other DC worlds now), created a child using the combination of all species DNA. With the best of intentions, of course.

And we're now back to where we originally saw the team in #0, arriving in time to stop Blyth from activating Ultra but were just a few seconds too late.

Manifest Destiny #7

It seems these monsters and new discoveries weren't so out of the blue for Lewis and Clark. Clark proposes they kill her now that she knows their ulterior motive (that we are still in the dark about), but she still lives. But traveling down the Mississippi River they run into something familiar.

Tongue Toad!

New Avengers #19

 The Great Society also ran into destroying their own infinity gems, and the Illuminati are still at an impasse about what to do next since they revealed they have a bomb.

Namor lets himself be the bad guy so the two can finally resolve which Earth lives or dies. And so time for talking ends and the punching begins.

Superman/Wonder Woman #9

Superman is now....Superdoom, and a kryptonite bomb was dropped in Earth's atmosphere to disperse the toxic rock everywhere, which only made Clark's resistance of Doomsday spores weaker.

Everything's good, right? Time for a misunderstanding, starring the Red Lanterns!

...Let him go, is what she says. I didn't realize Guy's basically turned into Red Lantern Lemmy.

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Deebo305 said...

New Avengers is just plain great, gotta love Namor. Wish he was still in the X-books though

Also, I been following the Lantern books but Guy looks like a total hippie with that beard, but are they good guys now or what?

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