Sunday, June 22, 2014

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 06/18/14
The eyes of the world are on Brazil, but take a moment to enjoy these Moments of the Week, where dogs learn to walk on two legs and robots take over the world. If Manhattan Projects and Avengers isn't enough, we also have another reveal in Original Sin and the enemy orchestrating the attempted demise of the Uncanny X-Men is revealed. So hit the jump to see all that and more! 

Avengers #31

400 years in the future, there's only 30 million people left on Earth, thanks to Ultron finally ushering in an age dedicated to himself (and we'll probably see more around next summer with the Avengers movie). But hey, isn't that Thor helping out these new robo-Avengers?

They time jump again 5,000 years into the future, only without Thor, Hyperion, and Hawkeye in tow, the three returning to the present time. But hey, it really is a time bomb in this case.

Batman & Robin Ra's Al-Ghul #32

Batman and Frankenstein fight, Damian's corpse is recovered, all is good, for a moment:

They fight some more, but it's the last page reveal that literally comes out of nowhere:

I believe this is Godfrey's first DCnU appearance? And that crystal is probably New Gods tech.

Elektra #3

A secret spot known as the tomb of the dead is where Elektra and Cap Crowe's son head, only to fight another assassin. That art in the splash page, so different but so good.

Manhattan Projects #21

Laika & Co. were ready to be content for study, but another alien race appeared to retrieve one of their own. With the science ship attacked, the species escape, and something truly weird even for this book happens:

The implications of this and the possible reunion with Yuri, just going to ignore that entirely now, yep.

Original Sin #4

Everyone arrives at the secret space station that seemed to be broadcasting a signal, and as heroes usually do they fight one another. Time for another twist.

Life Model Decoys are about as bad as time travel. I wonder what this means for Fury's appearances in the past fifty years.

Silver Surfer #3

The two race against time to return the heart to its rightful owner, which obviously calls for a Three Stooges gag to save the day. Wait, what?

I was kind of ambivalent about the series until this issue, but it's just the right amount of wacky while being happy. It really has Slott's She-Hulk vibe to it.

Uncanny X-Men #22

Kicked out of one school, Hijack saves the other. But Hank has finally figured things out:

On the plus side of all this, Dark Beast is finally dead. That's about 15 more years than he should have had. 

Wonder Woman #32
Zeke's got a Dexter face, hide that knife! The First Born, already defeating Death, looks to destroy life:

Azarello's game changing run is coming to an end, I wonder how far he'll go and how much will be put back into the box for the next writer.

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Álvaro said...

Can Nick Fury's and SHIELD's continuity be any more convoluted and stupid? I mean, a bunch of LMDs were "working for HYDRA the whole time" (as seen in Secret Warriors). This is truly a jumping-the-shark moment for the entire Marvel Universe, or at least one of many. I mean, Nick Fury had sex previously "on screen", how can a robot possibly do that? Remember this famous Steranko page:

Besides, if a LMD can behave exactly as a human being, even to the point of believing it is the actual person, the whole Marvel Universe could be a lie. EVERYONE could be a LMD. Lazy writers can (and will) use this stupid plot device to blow apart fifty years of continuity.

I'm sorry but Marvel has gone off the tracks forever. Or at least until they reset the continuity, which also sucks.

Absent Apologies said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Absent Apologies said...

Why would an LMD not be able to have sex? And if She-Hulk's alpha world holidays, where people jump over to Marvel continuity to holiday as recognisable superheroes, didn't break continuity then this won't.
Lazy writers will wriggle out of anything they want to using any device to hand. One new tool won't break the whole machine.

Secret Avengers already dealt with LMDs being 'human' and did it pretty well. I love the idea that Fury has been all LMDs since the war. Would actually give a nice relevance to all the times he gets 'killed' and it turns out to be a robot.

Álvaro said...

Are you even serious?

"Why would an LMD not be able to have sex?" ---> You can't be serious

"I love the idea that Fury has been all LMDs since the war." --> No, you can't. You must be trolling me.

Álvaro said...

Skrulls + LMDs + Time travel = Nothing you see in a Marvel comic can be trusted. WHICH SUCKS.

Álvaro said...

Besides, superheroes are irrelevant since you can have an army of superpowered robots which have no organic disadvantages, like aging.

Besides, Nick Fury is the only one who has aged in the whole Marvel Universe, right? Not even Aunt May has aged a bit. I suppose this has to do with Infinity Formula, but still ackward.

What's so great about Game of Thrones, for instance? Characters die and stay dead (for the most part), and that's meaningful. Kings fall and stay fallen. Things matter. Suppose we find out Daenerys is a skrull, Bran travels in time and stops someone from dying, or Stannis is a robot. It would be nonsensical and a turn-off. And still people like Absent Apologies keep forgiving Marvel (and DC) for these stupid twists and cliffhangers.

Absent Apologies said...

I don't get your problem with LMDs being able to have sex. It's a robot with imitation human parts. People are literally making those for sex NOW, and this is plus sci-fi tech.

Comics, well superhero comics, are different from series like Game of Thrones because they're not intended to end. Really superhero comics share more with soap operas than anything else. I mean I like a good resolution as much as anyone but it's part of the art form you're talking about that nothing is final. Skrulls and time travel and clones and LMDs have always been part of Marvel. It's not like this latest resolution is a huge or even significant leap.

But despite that, the feeling that events matter is down to the writer. The sense that things matter is in how you tell the story. Look at Hawkeye for instance. It's set in the marvel universe and yet you know what happens matters because the author makes it clear he's not going to use the cheap reveal section of the toy box. Even Hickman's Fantastic Four run, with the most time travel / alternate dimensiony characters in Marvel, made you care when the Human Torch died. Not because he wasn't coming back, any sensible reader knew he wasn't, but because of the impact on the other characters.

I honestly do love the idea that Fury has been LMDs for most of Marvel continuity. First of all it suits the super-spy, ultra-paranoid nature of the character and second it makes every time he died only to be revealed as an LMD relevant rather than cheap. In last week's comic book moments Kirk specifically said 'it's an LMD' because it's been overused as a reveal. Any time Nick Fury is about to die you know it's an LMD. As the reader we've learned that reveal and it's no use as a plot device any more. Except this twist makes it work one last time by going back through continuity and redeeming those lazy moments.

Also it makes sense that Nick Fury has aged. Marvel has a floating timeline for most characters, but Captain America and Fury's link to WWII makes that impossible. They solved it for Cap with 'he was frozen' and the Infinity Formula was just there to explain Fury not aging. If anything old Fury makes more sense. They can give Spider-man a floating origin date and say 'it's been about ten years since he was bitten' but they can't keep moving WWII. Personally I hope they have the guts to go all the way and say Fury has always been using LMDs from a control room, rather than 'yeah the formula went wrong and aged me overnight.'

My name's Rob, by the way.

Absent Apologies said...

*knew he was

Just remembered that SHIELD make LMDs for seduction purposes.

That means they have the tech. At that point for Fury's LMDs to be incapable of sex he has to be refusing those parts, which is an even weirder idea.

Anonymous said...

The only problem with Fury being a LMD since WW2 is that in Battle Scars mini the infinity formula was extracted from him and we see it affecting the villian. I seriously doubt that Fury has LMDs pumped with infinty formula. I think a more plausible explanation is that since the extraction of the infinity formula the age has caught to him, or that we are being lied again and the old nick is another LMD.

Absent Apologies said...

Ah, I missed Battle Scars. I suppose that makes more sense then. Shame.

Álvaro said...

And how come no telepath, mystic or enhanced-senses superhero or supervillain ever realized he was a robot???

I bet they are explaining in Original Sin #5 that he stopped taking the Infinity Formula not so long ago and he has aged all of a sudden. I bet they won't say when this exactly happened so they can be ambiguous about continuity errors.

Now you have two issues that ended with shocking twists that didn't really matter in the next issue. Good job, Marvel.

Eric van Schaik said...

Guys, guys. Why keep reading Marvel Comics if you don't like them?
It seems to be bad for your temper.
Maybe if you all stop buying this rubbish, they realise they have to make good comics again.
Try something else. Image or Dark Horse for instance. Good comics and less expensive too.
Go Holland soccer team!!!

Absent Apologies said...

Alvaro, as anonymous pointed out Battle Scars is likely when the Infinity Formula was removed. But even if there was a long period where telepaths/mystics/enhanced senses characters should have been able to tell (and often they can: Wolverine guts him in Secret Wars and it's suggested he knew it was a decoy) isn't it more fun working out why they didn't? Shield agents having telepathic shielding, Nick Fury hardly ever hanging out with mystics? Marvel is coming up on 75 having employed what must have been thousands of writers to work on their stable of characters. If you're not prepared to work with them, have a flexible approach to continuity, and have some fun with it (the spirit of the No Prize) then how have you ever enjoyed Marvel comics? It's not like this approach is new. If anything the writing quality has only improved (on average) since the 2000s. What tracks were they on that you feel they've left?

Eric I love Marvel comics for being Marvel comic, but there's a lot of great Image and Dark Horse properties that I also enjoy. I wouldn't want this sort of 'haHA, he's actually his own twin' stuff to be the only thing I read, but I'm really glad it's part of the selection.

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