Sunday, June 29, 2014

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 06/25/14
July is just around the corner, but the Moments of the Week are here, in front of your eyes! Let's see what's going on with Saga, the new creative team of Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr. on Superman, Peter Parker's boss skills, and what exactly was an original sin between Iron Man and the Hulk. Always more, so hit the jump to see what's in store. 

Amazing Spider-Man #3

As we've seen in Spider-Man/Human Torch, Slott shows how inept Peter is at driving. The crew checks out a fire caused by Electro, only for another escaped villain to appear.

It's a mad, mad, world when people believe the lie but deny the truth.

Guardians of the Galaxy #16

Peter's dad broadcasting the whole demise of the Guardians across the galaxy blows up in his face, and Venom and Rocket are largely unscathed, along with Gamora and Angela. Drax chooses a more simplistic manner of freedom:

It's the Mountain and the Viper, sort of.

Ms. Marvel #5
Kamala's first attempt at helping Bruno's brother does not go well, so she vows to get better. Cue the montage scene!

Success! But another villain leaves their mark, someone who is above the Inventor. Enter....the Birdman:


New Avengers #20
Ouch, that stings. Strange has nowhere to go but blood magic, unveilling his newest powers just as teh Great Society is on the verge of defeating the Illuminati:

New Warriors #6

See, it's actually a demonic imp trying to possess Thor and is doing so by messing with Water Snake's mind. Good enough excuse for the two teams to fight. But the adults are busy telling the new-old kids they need to quite with the team name:


Original Sin: Hulk vs. Iron Man #1

When the Orb unleashed the truth wave, Tony and Banner's memories exchanged a bit. And we see the Gamma Bomb wasn't as deadly as it could have been, until a man who made his living off weapons tinkered with it. That's a pretty big reveal.

Saga #20

Hazel probably has some power to see a person's true beauty or something. Then again, she is a kid and could just be talking like a kid. Prince Robot IV's alive and instead of returning to his newborn child he's doing what everyone does on Sextillion. Bad things are about to happen though:

Superman #32

Clark goes home, is reminiscing about having someone close to confide in (Diana's busy dealing with her own family), and something evil from the Fouth Dimension appears. And something good:

Earlier in the issue, we see that some scientists working freelance were exploring dimensions when it seemed they were going to destroy the world with a dimensional breach. They sent their own infant, Neil, into the Fourth Dimension in hopes he would thrive, much like Kal El came to Earth.

This really feels like the first issue of JMS and JRjr's. Amazing Spider-Man run, a clearing of the slate, a new character who seems to be the hero's equal, and it's not that bad.

Uncanny Avengers #21

The heroes get the time travel info they need to mess with The Apocalypse Twins' plans, and the world is saved! Hooray! But only for a second.

The scorpion and the frog, an apt fable.

X-O Manowar #26

An origin to how some of the Armor Hunters first came into contact with these unstoppable beings. Mercenaries who believe they can kill something that destroyed a planet to gain notoriety, it doesn't go as planned.

 Then they get recruited to learn how to kill the armors.

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