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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 07/02/14
Celebrate independence, the World Cup, or Wimbledon with another installment of Moments of the Week! Today we see another reveal in Original Sin, Superman Unchained decides to return to finish its story, and Rocket Raccoon launches his own series. All that and more, like a pregnant goat and a crazy father back from the dead, after the jump. 

Black Widow #8

Natasha had an assignment to steal something, Winter Soldier was trying to stop people from stealing the thing, oh the old Soviet odd couple....

Romances never die in the superhero world. They might be mindwiped away, but we know. We know.

East of West #13

War was declared last issue, but we return to a few issues prior when Death's attempt to find his son was cut off by a sharpshooting Ranger. It's not as one-sided as you might think, like a certain UFC fight from this week:

The Endless Nation were advanced, but that's....super-advanced. I also detect an uneasy alliance like all the old superhero team-ups of the 90's.

Iron Fist:  The Living Weapon #4

A good point is made here, when all the things that give you the Iron Fist are gone, what's left?

Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #3

On the plus side, or maybe it's a mark against Miles, Kate didn't need any evidence like sticking to a wall to confirm his confession. All this is put on the backburner when the news reports Norman Osborn is alive and still crazy:

And it would only be appropriate that the Peter Parker who says he's Peter Parker shows up to help out. We'll see next issue.

Moon Knight #5

The premise for the issue is simple: Moon Knight is rescuing a kidnapped schoolgirl from some crime family. He's on the first floor, she's on the fifth. Cue an incredibly brilliant fight issue that feels like that one scene from The Protector or The Raid or Dredd:

Ooooh, that's deep.

New Warriors #7
Inhumans attack Haechi's family, but he and Sun Girl are teleported away in the fight. Time for a New Warrior callback:

You remember Lash, right? From that incredibly delayed Inhuman series that has made the whole concept of Inhumans trip right out of the gate?

Original Sin #5

Ok, so in 1958 the world was about to be taken over by aliens in Kansas (get it?), until Howard Stark and Woodrow McCord arrive and help blow them all up. McCord dies, but Stark shows Fury their secret role in the world: preemptively preventing otherworldly threats from attacking Earth. This is all done on the sly, too, away from his SHIELD work.

So all the monsters we've seen killed in recent issues were actually done by Fury and his LMD's, but the question of who killed the Watcher is still up in the air.

Quantum & Woody #12

Edison is foiled, and the brothers now have a pregnant goat who had the memories of their father, only up to the point where the goat got mind swapped that we saw a few issues back. And, if you can believe it, the two are actually trying to fight crime legitimately to make up for being such screw-ups.

Rocket Raccoon #1

Rocket's on the run when all he wanted to do was watch Groot fight with a girl on his arm. And pestering the Guardians for help isn't going to win him any favors.

Seems there's an evil Rocket clone out there who's been killing some people, and Rocket thinks that's why he's being wanted.

Turns out there might be two people who want Rocket to suffer. Actually, a whole lot more.

Rocket Raccoon, more like Hound Dog.

Superman Unchained #7

Super-thor! It feels like this might show up in the new movie or something, as it doesn't really help Supes out that much. Batman's special armor doesn't fare too much better against Wraith, but penny pinching takes on a whole new meaning:

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Álvaro said...

I think, and this is no spoiler since it is purely based on my own assumptions and I have no access to information from outside the own comic, that the murderer is a LMD. Perhaps the one reported as missing in the flashback.

Deebo305 said...

I remember Lash, I'm surprised anyone at Marvel does. Weren't the Inhumans supposed to be the new pet project?

Well thankfully the art in New Warriors is good again

Eric van Schaik said...

Hi Ken,

You like more things than just comics?!?!?!?!?! Gasp! ;)

Out of curiousity, which country do you want to win the world cup?
My country lost the penalty shoot-out with Argentina yesterday.

I will definitely get the Moon Knight TPB.
Can't get excited anymore about a Jim Lee comic. Is it me (50+) getting old or are more people feeling the same?

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