Sunday, July 13, 2014

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 07/09/14
If you're in Germany keep on partying, but to everyone else come down from the World Cup final with Moments of the Week! This edition sees the launch of the new series Grayson, a visit from a young hero in Avengers, a reveal of a sister in an Original Sin tie-in, and a death in Justice League. Hit the jump with a bicycle kick to see all this and more.

All-New X-Men #29

Xavier Jr.'s been controlling his Brotherhood, sans Raze, this whole time. It seems even before they were simply just fighting the other X-Men like villains do. And Xorn....I hate time travel.

Cyclops and X-23 seems to have been nothing but a tease, but are you cool with Angel and X-23? 

Amazing X-Men #9

Another peril of Logan without a healing factor, behold the Wolverigo!

Armor Hunters #2
Mexico City was destroyed in an attempt to retrieve Aric's armor, as a show of the Hunters power.  Now Aric and the other Valiant heroes, including Livewire and Bloodshot, arrive to help figure out what exactly the armor is. One theory:

Another attempt by the Hunters to force Earth to give up the armor, but we've see what they do to a planet even after killing the symbiote-like device.

Avengers #32
Franklin's immortal, makes sense Hickman would have him show up during this time travel. 4,000 years in the future and everything is relatively peaceful, there even is a real Avengers World. And they're trying to help us out back in the old, dusty past:

Cap's own pride becomes a problem in the whole situation, hmmmm.

Daredevil #5

A flashback to how Foggy "died," and it involves someone taking the Leapfrog name to a more robotic conclusion.


Pym particles can do anything.

Grayson #1
One of Dick's first missions for Spyral is to save a rather normal russian guy, using his new Spyral approved hypno devices. But he runs into another "hero" who wants the civilian but isn't as caring about his condition.

Turns out he had a meta-power implanted into him, like drug trafficking, DC's version of MGH.

A solid first issue where it seems no one can be trusted except for Dick himself, as it's all varying levels of intrigue and double dealings.

Justice League United #3

New Lobo sure doesn't get respect. Good. Meanwhile J'onn does what he can to stop Ultra from being dangerous.

Kicking out Lobo, helping scared kid, that's too happy. Now it's time for a sacrifice because the Zeta Beam core is about to explode:

Maybe he is, maybe he isn't, I don't know if this Hawkman is on that whole reincarnation kick or what, but we've seen him regrow an arm a few issues ago.

New Suicide Squad #1

The new Task Force X, with what seems to be a knowing overlapping of skills thanks to their new caretaker Vic Sage.

Guess what, things don't go according to plan:

The Rocket Reds stop this new squad, but are treated almost like they haven't existed yet in continuity. But we saw them way back with Gavril in Justice League International #1, just not as snazzy.

Original Sin: Thor & Loki #1

Odin was so super pissed at the tenth realm he cast them out forever, that is one angry,  mourning father. But, like Loki, it turns out Angela wasn't dead, just raised as one of the angels own. It's like a mirror, man.

Superman/Wonder Woman #10
Lana and John Henry are trying to warn Earth of Brainiac, and thankfully Superdoom is there to just destroy anything in his path. But back on Earth with Metropolis falling into a coma, Diana sees Lois isn't her normal self:

Doomed seems to be all over the place now, and just cleaning up the past few years of stories for whatever direction Geoff Johns wants to take the character.

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Anonymous said...

My moment of the week: Franklin Richards talks to the tree, and it responds, "I am Groot."

Anonymous said...

I thought this site was gone for good but was so excited when I found it up and running again. Imagine my heartbreak when I realized it never gets updated

So disappointing

Anonymous said...

Has this feature/site stopped? Disappointing, if so.

Anonymous said...

Please, could you keep this segment going?

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